Couldn't believe my luck when I saw this Churchill poster with yesterday's post in mind, isn't it just hilarious? Went to check out the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery which was so so, I'm kinda bored of paintings that looks like photographs now, and there were so many there let me tell you. Had a lovely break at the Nordic Bakery (where else?) afterwards with some hot chocolate and the latest issue of Lula. Can't complain.

Love this post and love the blog. I think brown and grey is my new favourite colour combo... Happy weekend everyone!


Little treasures

A birthday card, a squeaky hand puppet Buddha from Japan, some gifts & heirlooms and a lovely print saved from an office bin. Happy Friday!


Bills bills bills

The last couple of weeks in bills. Much more fun to look at the patterns inside the envelopes than the contents. I wonder who designs these?


It's a cat attack

Well, it's more like a half-hearted attempt at an attack but I reckon it's pretty good for a 12-year old little lady, don't you?

Came across this yesterday. So effortless.


Scenes from my birthday

Had a wonderful day which began with a trip to the cinema to see "Wall-E" (brilliant!!), a little walk around Soho and then continued with an afternoon tea session at Yauatcha. It ended with much fun and laughter at dinner at my brother-in-law's. A perfect first day as a 33-year old!


Goodbye 32, Hello 33!

me in '77 

Waahoo, today is my birthday! I hope that my 33rd
year will be as good as my 32nd...
Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


Down the pub

It's been a long ol' time since we've been down the pub but we joined a friend for quick Friday afternoon drink in town. Behind us were a group of office workers getting ready for the long weekend (it's a bank holiday here on Monday) by getting drunk and lairy. Me and the hubby had to leave our friend behind to continue our day, but we later got a text message from him saying that the loudest girl in the group of people behind us had just projectile vomited across the street. It was 3pm. Class.


The silver screen

With a cinema ticket costing three times as much as renting a film or getting one on pay-per-view it really feels like a special occasion to go to the cinema these days. We went to see Miss Pettigrew lives for a day which was OK, quite superficial if you ask me but just looking at the costumes and the sets was enough to keep us entertained. I'm hoping the book will be better!


Meet up

It's been a while since I've been to the Nordic Bakery so I met up with my sis and her friend there for some cinnamon buns and hot chocolate. My sis told us the story of how she twisted her ankle falling down some escalators back in Stockholm a couple of  days ago and she luckily didn't brake any bones. She then proceeded to leave her wallet on the table in the cafe when we left (she only realised it 20 minutes later but she got it back). Why are some people just like that? Anyway, afterwards we sat under a tree enjoying the only sunny few minutes of the day and then I found a rather stylish illustration in a public toilet. Far out.


Birds galore

What is it with me and parks these days? It's like I've got park fever or something! Went for a short walk in Regent's Park and looked at some of the birds there, they seemed so happy and relaxed. You can watch them on the move here and here. The geese in particular were pretty in tune with each other!

Oh, and there's no way I could possibly do a post about birds without including this. 


DIY filter

Some of my day through the bottom of an empty jug. I was in a silly mood...


Two days, two parks

Caught up with friends, went for walks, lied in the high grass and enjoyed the complete absence of rain. Nice, nice, nice!