And we're off!

I've been looking forward to this coming week for the past nine months; we're finally going to Stockholm so Oomoo can meet his maternal grandfather, his aunties and uncles (the eldest is 20 and the youngest is 8!) and my dear godfather. So excited! We tried out Oomoo's travel cot yesterday to see how it'll cope with him standing in it and the little joker started squashing his face against the side. I could hardly hold the camera still :)

I won't be blogging from our trip so have a great couple of weeks folks - and Happy Friday too while we're at it!



It wasn't until I looked at this on the computer screen that I noticed that the nephew wasn't the only one jumping in this picture :)


At the art director's house

On Saturday we went round to my ex-boss's house for some lunch and to generally just hang out. I can't tell you how beautiful his house is and believe me, I really wanted to snap away whilst there. However, it's not exactly the most social thing to do and I was too distracted by checking on Oomoo crawling all over the place (and of course the good food). Never mind!



My only tan line this summer... Happy Friday!


Slippin' & slidin'

Taking this little guy to the park is so much fun; I love how much he loves it.


Tea time

It rained almost all of yesterday and though it was cosy walking around Highgate under the cover of an umbrella, we had to seek the comfort of a pot of tea and something sweet eventually. So we dropped in at Hightea of Highgate for some Russian Caravan (we're completely and utterly addicted to it now - we always have to have a box of it at home). I'm usually not a fan of smoked tea but this is something else. I'm convinced it's laced with crack ;)


And finally...

1. A photographer to be?
2. Some scary trees.
3. A tree proudly wearing it's new summer dress.

That's it for this Lomo roll! I can't wait to see what the next one brings (hint: some holiday shots from our impending first trip away as a family - yay!)...


Here and there

Good morning! How are you today? This post got delayed a bit as Oomoo came down with a cold last week and suddenly there really was no time for blogging at all. Anyway, here' some more Lomo candy. The hubby had a go at fixing the little thing so hopefully it's back to full health now - and Oomoo is on the mend too :)

You might have seen this already but it still makes me laugh:


At the end

Frames 34, 35 and 36, taken weeks apart but complementing each other rather well. I put a new roll in yesterday but saw that the foam in the door of the Lomo was coming off and loads of little fragments are loose in my camera. I'm hoping my Mr Fix-It hubby can work his magic on it!


Circle & Line

Thank you for your comments yesterday, I'm so glad you liked the pictures! Here's another type of light; captured with my old friend the Lomo LC-A. I've just had a new roll developed so I'll post some of the results for the rest of the week.