Happy 2010!

I need you to work with me on this one; remember those 3D-pictures that were popular in the 90's, the ones were you had to kind of let your eyes go out of focus and all of of a sudden inside the crazy pattern you could see a dolphin jumping out of the sea? Well, this picture is a bit like that, if you let your brain go you'll see a strange new face, think of the mark on the hubby's forehead as the mouth and the eyebrows as a very high mustache.
Got it yet? I know, it's a bit of a funny (both funny weird and funny funny) pic to end the year on, but this is My Funny Eye after all!

Anyway, I just want to say Happy New Year to you all; thanks for stopping by here and saying hello over the past 12 months! 2009 was a special year for me and I'm very much looking forward to 2010. May your new year bring you lots of joy!



This lovely slumbering bear arrived the other day for Oomoo from the lovely Flora - merci beaucoup sweet lady! Isn't he cute? And the chocolate lollies are for the grown ups, although I think it would be a shame to eat them :) How is your Wednesday going? London is grey, wet and miserable today and I'm coming down with a cold - hmmmpfh! I dare say I shall do some slumbering too this afternoon...


Snapshots of xmas

Last year I shared how we spend xmas day our way. It was pretty much the same thing this year apart from there was no stocking at the beginning of the day and the nephew has now pretty much forsaken dinosaurs for his love of rock'n'roll. We got him a biker jacket covered in patches (Guns 'n' Roses, Metallica, Led Zep & AC/DC), the look on his face when he got given it well and truly made the day! Hope yours was good too :)


Seasons greetings

Dear friends, hope you have a wonderful few days! The holiday season snuck up on us all ninja-like this year as we've been occupied with our own precious little bundle; I guess you could say we got our xmas present a bit early this year (the best one ever!)... Have a great one!


Let it snow

The heavy snow finally arrived yesterday, luckily we'd all made it home in time as the Brits for some reason can't get their act together and grit the roads every time this happens. Traffic came to a stand-still on our road for hours, at one point we counted eight abandoned busses! Oomoo was sound asleep for most of it though, but he kept with the day's colour theme ;)


Little Mo pic of the week III

London is freezing at the moment and there's a sprinkling of snow covering the city. They say more is on the way so we might get a repeat of the 2nd of Feb! In the meantime Little Mo has been busy keeping herself warm on top of one of the radiators. Check out her claw! Happy Friday friends!


Saturday night

Oops! I've fallen behind with my blogging... I'm sure you'll let me off as I've been looking after Oomoo on my own for the past few days which has been lovely. But it does mean that any spare time I have is taken up by basic things like feeding myself or loading a few washes... These pics are from Saturday when we all went round to my sister's for dinner; isn't her view amazing?! I'm really enjoying the darkness and the cold at the moment, it helps make simple things like dinner with family something really special.



We've been getting into the routine of going out for daily walks in our neighbourhood, which I'm very pleased about. I tend to crave walks and I don't seem to get out that often when I'm on my own (I somehow forget to), but it does both me and Oomoo good to venture outside. Part of the routine is also to have lunch at our local sushi place once a week, I'm so happy to be able to eat raw fish again! These are all little snapshots from our walks. Happy Friday!



Managed to go and see the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Royal Academy on Monday where we had to queue in the rain to get in, but it was definitely worth the wait. Annoyingly no photography was allowed but I managed to sneak a few shots anyway... It was fun to have a bit of a delay in viewing the pictures as I couldn't look at them until we were outside. Now don't you go and tell on me!


A one two three four

My great friend Sandra sent us this brilliant counting poster last week. It's going to look great in the nursery I tell you! Get yourself one in her shop.

Astrid has included me in her fab series Why do you shoot film? today. Thanks for asking me!

Also, in keeping with the numbers theme I'd like to share my favourite counting song with you; it doesn't get any funkier than this. Happy Monday!


Light play

I nearly forgot to post these pictures from our bathroom in the hospital, aren't they weird? The glass of the window had a strange pattern that played beautifully on the roller blind and the dustbin. As I keep saying: I like everyday surprises... Have a great weekend peeps!



We were worried about how Little Mo would adjust to the arrival of our new family member as she's always run and hid when we've had friends with children round. She did keep her distance when we got back from the hospital but is now back to her usual ways and even sitting on my lap as I feed Oomoo. It's really no wonder they'd get on; they both like nothing better than eating and sleeping!


His room

It's been fun decorating Oomoo's room (yes - he's already got a nickname!). I had grand ideas of filling it with vintage furniture but I didn't get anywhere with it, we just didn't have the energy to hunt stuff down in the end. I'm sure we can replace the Ikea stuff eventually but for now this will do nicely. He's sleeping in our bedroom now anyway and will do for the next six months so this is "just" a very fancy nappy changing room at the moment :) Happy new week to you all!


17 & 17

Today marks a very special anniversary; I moved here 17 years ago today aged 17, which means I've spent half of my life in Stockholm and half in London. This city has changed so much since then, the main difference being that in '92, unless you were loaded there was nowhere you could go for decent food! And London was actually a bit... well, boring?! Out of all my friends that I've known over the years who moved here from somewhere else I'm the only one who stayed. It's a city that can be incredibly hard on you, but it's a bit like surfing; if you catch that wave just right you'll have the time of your life!


Hospital scenes

First of all I want to say thank you for all your comments on the previous post; we are touched and delighted by your well wishes! The last few days have been amazing, Omar is such a content baby and is both sleeping and feeding really well; we kind of feel like we've hit the jackpot! I can't explain what an amazing experience becoming a parent is; I really had no idea how intensely one can feel love or how soppy one can get ;)


Whoop there he is!

A week ago tomorrow little Omar finally arrived and life since then has been amazing; the little man is just perfect (but then I would say that) and we're loving every minute of our first steps into parenthood. Hope you're all well and that you have a wonderful weekend!