Sunday at the South Bank

It's funny how I used to think South Bank was a hideous looking place when I was younger, and now it's my favourite cluster of buildings in London. It's just so ridiculously photogenic, don't you think?



We're die-hard regulars at London Zoo; we probably go twice or three times a month throughout the whole year (even in winter!). Yesterday was a rare rain-free day, so me and Oomoo zoo-med (hehe) down and spent a few hours there - this is some of what we saw.


The brown post

As promised, more pictures from the Hornsey Town Hall. Oomoo really likes it in there too :)



Thanks to an art exhibition we've been able to check out our local town hall (built in the 1930's) that is normally closed to the public. For years I've wondered what it looks like on the inside, and I was surprised and pleased to see how intact the Art Deco details were. The exhibition itself didn't grab me but I loved travelling back in time for a while. More pics to come!



Arty trip

My mum is in town at the moment, so last we went down to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at Tate Modern before it ended. I only managed to sneak one pic in there (see second pic) and I duly got told off, haha!