In the studio

Spent yesterday morning at my father-in-law's helping him out (he's setting up a website so I took pictures of his works), isn't it a great place? There are loads of lovely objects scattered all over the place and this is some of it. And who are the cats you may ask? Well, the grey one is Buster and the tabby is Moses and they are two of Little Mo's kittens that she had in '98. Moses was my little baby and would always climb up on my shoulder. I think he still remembers me as he was trying to climb up me whilst I was taking pictures. I'm not kidding, he was parked in that position for ages just looking at me. Awwww!


  1. fascinating object in the 2nd picture. your scarf in the post a little while ago looks lovely!

  2. HAHA, ÅH!! Den sista bilden är så fiiin och rolig och gullig! Munnen!!

  3. I would like to rummage around in your father-in-law's studio! What an fascinating place.

  4. Får vi länken till hans hemsida sen?
    man blir ju nyfiken på vad han gör - jag antar att den japanska målningen inte är hans

  5. yasu: thanks! it's (the scarf) has been amazing to wear, but warmer weather is on it's way, so I'll have to wait a while before I can wear it again :( :)

    emma: visst ser det ut som att han har en liten elvis mun ("sneer" - vet inte vad det heter på svenska)

    green key: it's such a wonderful space, I'm not much of a collector myself but I always enjoy seeing what other people collect. I can see where my hubby gets it from now!

    alexandra: naturligtvis, jag ska bli hans agent ;)
    vet du, det kan va han som målat den, jag vet inte, måste fråga för nu blev jag nyfiken!

  6. great photography as always.

    i would just take that kittie if i were you! so precious!

  7. söta söta mo-bebisar! åh! puss!

  8. That studio space!
    Those handsome cats!

  9. så fina bilder!
    och buster & moses är så söta så söta!! <3

  10. I love this studio!
    So many beautiful interesting things and cats as well,
    my favorite!
    : )

  11. Love your photo of Moses: such nice colours - apart from the anecdotical values...


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