Time out

Can you send a blog on holiday? I'm not sure but I'm going to give it a go... I need a little breather from blogland but I promise I'll be back soon! Have a fantabulous weekend y'all!


Circles & lines

Our kitchen gets the best light in the afternoons, especially now the sun is out more often than not. The hot temperatures of the weekend have disappeared (I had to wear a wooly hat in the park today - but then I do have short hair...) but I like those short bursts of heat - any longer than a couple of days and I start missing the lakes of Stockholm :)


Hot hot hot

It's been a scorching hot weekend and we've been making the most of it by being outdoors as much as possible. It also seems I didn't take many pictures either, so these will have to do! Happy New Week!


The fellas

Hanging out with these two is so much fun! Happy weekend!


Home sweet home

Aaaaahhh yeeeeeah, hot and sunny weather has finally arrived back on our shores, and about bloody time too! Now I just have to fish out all my summer clothes from storage and hope that they fit :)

In other news, Sheri (thanks lady!) has put together a little home tour of our house over at the Stir, go and have a look if you like! Now, then... time to find my sun hat...


Walk this walkway

Sometimes it's not just nature that brings beauty; sometimes it's a rundown walkway in the city that most people hurry through to get to where they're going. Happy Monday!



Oomoo is six months old today! It's been the fastest and most fun six months of my life; I can't tell you how strange it is to be able to see time. The next six are going to fly by even faster and I'm going to savour every minute of it. Happy weekend amigos!


Work it

Someone in the house has been working on their tan for the past three days.
Now if that isn't living the good life I don't know what is!


A quick pick me up

Here are some more pictures from Pick Me Up as promised. That's Mr Robert Ryan himself in the fifth picture; he was working on a big piece for an upcoming exhibition, as he drew an assistant did all the cutting out. What a fiddly job! I wonder if anyone ever cuts the wrong bit out? Anyway, there were lots of goodies to look at and had I had a bottomless wallet I would have come home with loads of stuff... never mind! Have a great weekend y'all!

Get some of the posters from here:


What tha??!!

Did you just choke on your breakfast?! Sorry! Me and Oomoo went to check out the Pick Me Up Graphic Art fair on Monday (alas the last day) and this "exhibit" made me giggle. I'll show you more pics from there tomorrow but I thought this deserved a post of its own. Happy Friday!



Two incidental shots from the house in the Cotswolds; the first one I got to see as a result from getting up at 6.48am - the time Oomoo woke up for the day. Later that morning I noticed how a little bit of sunlight hit the sky in a painting over the fireplace and made it glow. I only had a few seconds in which to run and get the camera before the sun went behind a cloud and the moment would be gone forever. I just made it back :)


Back west

Went back to the Cotswolds again this weekend, and it was freezing this time! Still, a little bit of cold didn't stop us from going for walks and saying hello to some farm yard animals. I love it out there and I hope we'll continue to go there more often. Now then... back to my Jedi-mind tricks with the sun...



I heard a funny joke today: "May the Fourth be with you." Haha!