From the 6th floor

Heeeej! Sorry about the radio silence... I can't believe how quickly a month can go sometimes! The reason for my absence here was a two week trip to Sweden over Easter, and the mini heat wave that hit London the week after we got back. There was no way I would sit at the computer with those temperatures after the ridiculously long winter we had! It's been well over a decade since I last spent that long a time in Sweden, and it was nice to be there for longer, especially as the weather was pretty amazing for nearly all of it. We stayed with my friends A and D and their kids in their 6th floor apartment. I tell you, the light they get up there is something else. I think if I ever had to move back to Stockholm an east and west facing flat high up would have to be a must. It's funny, as for the first time since moving away from there 25 years ago, I actually had a serious think about what it would be like to move back. And for a few minutes it was very tantalising, but then the same unsettling feeling in my gut I always feel when I'm in Stockholm (and felt before I moved away) came back. Maybe I need some hypnotherapy to sort that out - if it would ever have to become an option. In the mean time, visiting once a year is just fine, thank you.