Take off

How to ignore the fact that it's a horrible and rainy day outside. Have a great weekend!



Three more from my very grainy 400 ISO Lomography roll of film. I don't know why, but as soon as I import these pix into Blogger they go even fuzzier (they are the correct size for the blog) - weird. Anyway, the top photo is from our tiny downstairs loo. I'm a firm believer in that one should always go a bit crazy decorating-wise when it comes to loos (especially tiny ones!), and I'm so happy with how it turned out in the end.


Summer film

Three more film shots - but from the summer. More to come :)


Winter film

Just had a roll of film developed that took me almost a year to shoot! These four are from last winter when we stayed at my father-in-law's, when we were between houses. I decided to keep my Pentax MX with me and send the other cameras to storage - a mistake perhaps. I think I prefer my Canon film cameras as I find them much quicker and easier to focus, hence not using the Pentax so much. But that doesn't take anything away from the joy of getting a film back from the lab. I wish I shot more film; maybe I need to set myself a challenge where I don't shoot anything but film for a couple of months?! 

I don't tend to spend much time on the internet these days, but I thought I'd share some links, as I've found myself surfing a bit more recently. 

This song is on constant repeat on my Spotify.
Some of the pictures on this blog are so beautiful and inspiring - they're the perfect antidote to our chilly and rainy days that we're having here at the moment.
If I felt a bit more flush I'd add stuff to my winter wardrobe from here.
Home tours in Japan - yes please!


Sunny Sunday

Didn't have any plans on Sunday, which in our household is quite rare. Since having Oomoo we always try and get out of the house, no matter what. After a while you feel like you've been everywhere (which of course isn't true, but we do tend to rotate the same places we go to), and so on Sunday we were stumped. In the end we walked to our local farmers market, bought some lunch and went to sit in our local park and had an impromptu picnic. The weather was amazing and so after we finished, we continued to Hampstead Heath, where Oomoo got to have a go at climbing trees, still being way off what the older kids can do :)


Saturday's trio

\ He always wants his window open 
\\ A return visit to the Serpentine Pavilion
\\\ A play on the bass - which reminded me that I at one point in my life wanted to learn how to play it - it's not too late


Things to do on a Thursday afternoon

Cover your dad in as many cushions as you can find whilst he's on the phone. Happy Friday!


At home

I'm at home with my second cold of the season. Snoresville. How's your week going?