A winter walk in Wiltshire

I'm a bit behind with my posting again... Last weekend we headed out west to see dear friends who've recently made the move from London to the countryside. It didn't matter that the weather wasn't great; we were so happy walking in the muddy fields and enjoying the change of scenery. We're going back in April and I can't wait - we might be lucky and get some sunshine then!


In the dark

So here you have it - a new sofa and two new old armchairs (his & hers - haha) and a cosier wall colour. I'm a bit surprised at how it all came together; I had felt that the living room needed an overhaul for a while, but didn't dare mention it to the hubby (after all there was nothing wrong with the room as it was, it's just that it had been like that for years). Imagine my surprise when a couple months ago he said that maybe it was time to get rid of our old sofas and start over again. Luckily our tastes have blended together over the years so there were no headaches over what we wanted. Initially I thought it would be nice to find two matching vintage armchairs but I'm now very happy that we didn't - too matchy matchy can be a bit boring. Anyway, we're very pleased with the result (and all the seating is so much more comfortable!) and I've just realised that we moved into this house six years ago today! Not a bad way to celebrate if you ask me :)

You can see what the room looked like before (although the pics are quite old) here, here and here.
Have a great weekend folks!


Sneak peek

1. The new living room colour.
2. Little Mo's new favourite chair.


9 days ago

Last Saturday me and the hubby had our first day to ourselves in 15 months (crazy huh?!), so we went and checked out the North London Vintage Market, had some lunch in one of our favourite restaurants and went on to look at some vintage furniture. We have completely re-furnished our living room and our kitchen recently (bye bye Ikea stuff!) and today the hubby is making a start on painting the walls. I'll show you pictures when it's all done. Happy Monday!

P.S. Thank you for your well wishes, I feel much better now - hope it lasts :)


Out of order

Thought I'd just say hello; I've been busy hanging out with Cold number 6. I think I need to change my diet, six of them in one season isn't normal, is it? I'm living on carbs and nothing much else these days and I'm sure that doesn't help. Hope you guys are well! Right then, I'm off to feast on a few clementines now :)


End of

Thank you guys for sharing your pet memories, so nice to read! I've had a bit of an odd week where I haven't really taken any pictures, so here's a couple of "The End's" to celebrate that it's Friday (yay!). Hope you have a lovely weekend homies!



These two have a cuddle at least once a day; Little Mo used to hate kids (actually she still does - Oomoo gets special treatment) but she's so patient with her little "brother". It melts my heart every time I see it. When I was little I had (not by choice) two zebra finches as pets; no offense to any bird lovers out there, but they were boring :) Tell me, what pets did you have as a kid or if you didn't - what did you wish you had?


Sunday lunch

Yesterday we went round to our friends C & L's house for lunch - isn't it nice! I wish I was as good as they are at creating nice displays throughout the home, I simply don't have the eye for it... or maybe I'm just not tidy enough! Hmmm... maybe a really thorough spring clean of the house would help? Anyone wanna give us a hand? ;)


Not funny!!

This little joker has taken to waking and staying up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night every night. Needless to say, the hubby and I are walking around like jet-lagged zombies. In my head I keep repeating "This too shall pass"; I mean is there anything as fickle as a baby's sleep?!

In my sleep deprived state I really appreciated seeing this brilliant ad today - you'll love it too. Have a great and wonderful weekend full of rest my dears!


A Tate visit

Ventured down to Tate Modern last weekend to check out the Ai Weiwei installation in the Turbine Hall. It was just a fleeting visit but I enjoyed it none the less. It's a shame you can't walk on it anymore though!


Lunch details

A light, some leather seats and a little finger; sometimes waiting for your food makes you see things...

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