If you ever wonder what's going on around here when my blogging slows right down; here's your answer :)

They've only gone and done it again (a brilliant video that is)
End Love by OK Go


A (shadow) hunting we will go

This weekend is going to be a scorcher and as I get older I find myself seeking out the shade more than the sun. So that's where you'll find me over the next few days; reading the paper and topping up my glass with ice-cold water (exciting I know!). Cheers and have a good one!


This is England

I guess these flags in my 'hood are allowed up for a bit longer as England scraped through to the last 16 of the World Cup yesterday. My hunch is they'll come down next week :)


An afternoon in Soho

Last week I met up with Astrid and Mathias (a couple of Flickr amigos) and we duly went for a bit of a photo-safari in Soho. It was a very hot day but there was still a lot of coffee drinking to be had (for them) and mountains of gelato to wolf down (for all of us). Unfortunately I didn't manage many "kills" as it was a bit much to deal with the heat, a cranky Oomoo and my cameras. Oh well.


Summer '76

See, I liked picnics already back then... And check out my dad's 'fro!

In case you're having the Monday Blues; something very silly. Happy New Week!


A moveable feast

One of my favourite things to do in summer is to spend days in the park with friends, sharing a delicious spread of food. This year there's the added incentive of getting out of the house for Oomoo's sake and he seems to enjoy it as much as I do! Hope you have great weekend chums!

Daylight - the perfect summer tune :)


In town the other day

A warped sense of vision and a spoonful of happy frozen yoghurt.


Slowly does it

I think it's time to wake my funny eye up from it's slumber... I hope you guys have had a lovely couple of weeks; I've hardly taken any pictures during the "holiday", but I'll share a few over the coming days.