12 frames of Christmas

So, this is how our Christmas looked 2012. It was a really good one and Oomoo was so excited about the whole thing. My favourite part of the day was when he opened his first xmas stocking - the surprise on his face as he unwrapped the presents was priceless. Later in the day there was a puppet show, champagne, turkey, fireworks and a moustache party (my sister-in-law continued the tradition of dining table fun from last year). All in all, a great day... Hope yours was good too!



Hope you have a great one!
Love, F xx


Caught off guard

A guard smiling and a sunbathing police officer, and me, the sneaky photographer. Happy Monday!



08.25 -4 degrees celsius and beautiful frosted trees makes the view pretty darn good this morning.
09.49 Moses (my father-in-law's cat) has a drink. He prefers the studio sink to his water bowl.
10.52 And it's up the stairs we go. We're getting very fit in this house.
11.32 Well isn't that just so neat!
11.42 I glimpsed someone behind those curtains when I took this. I so hope they didn't see me.
11.48 Flock and roll baby!
12.22 Time for some cake at Nana's. Dessert first - then lunch... Oh well.
13.04 I prefer bare trees to trees with leaves. I know I'm in a minority here.
13.27 But blossom is pretty cool too (don't freak out - this is a winter blooming tree)!
16.00 Time to go up all of them stairs again. Huh!
19.18 Some of us play whilst dad cooks dinner.
21.13 Breaking Bad, series 5. OMG OMG OMG!!!

On Wednesday I thought I'd take 12 pictures in honour of the last repetitive date for a 100 years. As you can see nothing in particular happened, but it was a good day all the same. Have a great weekend folks!


Wake up sunshine

For seven minutes just after 9am this morning the sunlight made me go grab my camera in a hurry. Looking out the window now you'd never guess that the sun came out at all today. Have a great weekend!


Keeping warm

One cold day at Whipsnade Zoo not that long ago.