Who loves the sun?

Well... I know one four-legged friend who does. I love how she's only sunning her paws in the first picture, cats do get too hot you know. It's grey over here in London so no sun today; a good reason to listen to the Velvet Underground if there ever was one. I bid you a great weekend folks!

Thanks for your comments yesterday, they made my day!



Guess what?! This right here is my 400th post. So I guess it goes without saying that I have to mark the occasion with a silly picture! I took this last Friday (on film no less) when we were having a bit of a clear-out. Amongst all the piles of magazines and newspapers the hubby found this postcard and said "Hey, look at me!". I tried so hard to hold the camera steady enough whilst laughing and I'm so glad it came out OK.

Thank you all for your comments over the past 400 posts; and hello to all you new people, I'm sorry if I haven't said hello to you here before. Now go and have yourselves an excellent Thursday!


Parallel lines

Finally got round to finishing another roll of film in my Canon FTb. As I'm not taking that many photos at the moment I'll share the pictures from it here for the next few days.

It's my sister's birthday today - Grattis!! I'm gonna treat her out to lunch... that way I get a treat too, haha (the typical logic of a sibling, don't you think?)!


Lucky little boy

Another little package arrived for the bubba on Saturday, this time from France and that lovely lady Marion! Merci! The little monsters made us laugh and the rattle's perfect - we've been very bad at buying the bubba toys which is ironic as our house is full of them. It's otherwise been a quiet weekend; the hubby has been nesting like crazy and I've been lazying on the sofa... In due time I'll be the busy one I'm sure... How was your weekend?


Who's that lurking?!

Oh... it's Domo-kun and he's brought his brothers! I think they're looking to take over our house. I'm hoping Little Mo will protect us... Have a lovely weekend folks!


The last walk

Last week I went for a little camera walk before my midwife appointment; it was lovely and warm and it felt so nice to walk around daydreaming. But my, have things changed since then; the bubba's head has engaged which means walking is a real struggle now (and something I'd like to avoid) and the sun seems to have gone elsewhere. I'm glad that I got to go on this particular walk though, how else would have I known that leaves get tired and need a rest too?

Fliss had her little Art Tui! Yay!


Saturday gifts

There I was at home and happy; the house was clean and tidy and there was nothing we had to do but relax and enjoy it. I thought the day couldn't get any better... turns out I was wrong! Later in the afternoon the doorbell rang and a man dropped off a couple of packages, both of which had crossed the pond from Canada. A while back I spotted this polaroid in Claire's flickr stream and I loved the cushions, hoping she would be selling them. But wait! What was this squidgy thing in her package?! Only one of them cushions; for the bubba! Waaaaaahhhhh! Not only that but there was also a beautiful package from Celine with more lovely goodies for the little man! Ladies, we are so grateful for your gifts - I can't quite understand the thoughtfulness and generosity that is out there in blog land. It really is something else.



Marion tagged me; to post the 10th image in my first folder. And yet again this is an example of how rubbish I am at chucking pictures as I take them. I have promised myself that I will try harder, there are only so many rubbish pictures one can hold on to!

I took this on Christmas Eve last year at my mother-in-law's. The fish tank (although I'd call it a shoe box made out of glass - it's tiny!) has always been a bone of contention with her husband; he wants to keep them and she doesn't. They've finally upgraded to a cat, in fact they now have my sister's cat Min (my sister works all over Europe now and couldn't keep him) and I think the fish are history. I know the big one keeled over not long after I took this picture and now I'm curious if the fish tank is still there... I shall have to check.

I in turn tag Kate, hope you want to play along!


Oh October!

'Tis the time to hang out on comfy sofas wearing slippers, sipping tea & eating home baked rock cakes and of course, catching up. Autumn, you rule. Have a lovely weekend y'all!

P.S. I really really really want to go to this but I think I have to wait until bubba's born, the thought of walking around in the dark with a big belly is too scary!


Little Mo pic of the week II

This is what a guilty cat looks like. We woke up one morning and Little Mo didn't stir; usually as soon as one of us wakes up she rushes over begging for immediate breakfast but this particular morning something was amiss. She completely ignored us as we got up and me and the hubby knew from experience that there must be a very good reason for her contentedness. The answer lied in the kitchen. It looked like a fox had broken in and had a field day in our rubbish bin... except we knew that the culprit was Miss Lazy Bones upstairs. She had sniffed out some scraps of beef from the bin and had had a sumptuous midnight banquet all on her own. So this is where you find her this week; in "prison" for vandalism and looting :)


Crossing over

Had some time to kill in St John's Wood yesterday and as the weather was so nice I went looking for a bench in the sun where I could read my book. As it happened the bench I found was right next to the most famous zebra crossing in London and loads of tourists who had made the pilgrimage were there trying to re-create that very famous photo. I had so much fun looking at them trying to get it just right, some of them crossing and re-crossing the road for an hour whilst others would stand by soaking up the atmosphere. What was so charming was that everyone seemed so happy to have made it there, regardless of their age. That is for one group of four Italian young men in there early 20's; one guy was taking the picture whilst barking at the others who didn't seem to hear his instructions. They obviously didn't get it right. There was a lot of sulking from both parties but finally (after 15 minutes of not talking) two of the three guys went back across and did it again. I hope they nailed it.

Abbey Road webcam - check it out live for yourselves!


Surreal Sunday

Spent the day in town yesterday, doing a spot of shopping (for ourselves rather than for the bubba for a change!) and I couldn't help but notice little bits of strangeness. Am pretty knackered today though - spent practically five hours on my feet - which is quite painful these days. Getting about on roller skates from now on might be better :)



I wonder what the neighbours across the street think of us when we monkey around taking pictures like these... Have a great weekend people!


Weekend snippets

My goodness, where has this week gone?!! Time is both flying and going slow at the moment but at the weekend we played some vinyl, had some friends round for a take-away lunch, had fun with the nephew at the door and got a new lamp shade for bubba's room.


Before and after

Went to see (500) days of Summer the other night (my verdict: meh!) and as I only have a few weeks of pigging out left, we had a fika at Tinderbox before and after the film. I'm usually very disciplined when it comes to eating healthily but I've been stupidly lax in the past few months. So, from now on I shall try to stick to just having a treat once a week (did you have Saturday sweets as a kid?), it's either that or joining Sweet Tooth Anonymous. Have a marvellous weekend!

Flora had her little Lou Mé!! Congrats!