At Talloires beach

So, it was basically a picture of the lake almost exactly the same as the first one here, that made me make us go to Lake Annecy. I mean, how could it not, right? And it was just as good in real life, if not better. The water was the perfect temperature (+23) and not salty, so it didn't dry out your hair or skin, and no sand to get trapped everywhere. It actually made me realise how annoying the beach can be, haha! But the best thing was the atmosphere; relaxed, friendly and unpretentious. If ever win the lottery I sure know where I'd buy a little cabin. Can you imagine?! The lake and hiking in the summer, and snowboarding in the winter - what could be more perfect? A girl can dream... I would have taken more pictures, but as we would leave our bags unattended as we swam, I didn't exactly want to broadcast that I had a big camera with me :)


Annecy rules

I'm actually quite glad now that I'm behind with my pictures. As one of my life lessons this year has been to be more mindful and in the now, it's great to look at these and go back a bit in time. Because we all know how it goes with holidays; the second you get home it's like you never went. Everything is back to how it was before you left (generally anyway) and the everyday continues as if nothing just happened. This year has also been a chance for me to reconnect with France. As a teenager I spent every summer there with my mum, but I haven't really been back there at that time of the year since then, and this year we went twice in the space of two months! Anyways, since Melanie posted her holiday pics from Lake Annecy on Instagram last year, I knew we had to go there, as the place looked stunning. And you know I'm a sucker for the mountains, so it was a very easy choice over where we should go away this summer. It didn't disappoint for one second, and we all fell in love with the place. The first three pics are from our first hike that we went on at La Sambuy, and we got a really clear view of Mont Blanc (second picture). For years we've waited for Oomoo to be old enough to go on these kind of holidays, and he took to hiking like a fish to water. On one of the days we went for a 13km hike, and he didn't complain once! Such a trouper. The last four pics are from Annecy, the town, which we visited a couple of times. It was ridiculously pretty in places. The good news is that we are sure that we will definitely keep going back to Lake Annecy, as it's just simply ACE. More pics to come.


May days in France

Oh hello there. It went a bit quiet here again. Well, I should know better... Once the summer holidays roll round, there's just no way that I want to spend any time in front of the computer. And so here I find myself with a backlog of holiday pictures... again. These are from May, when we went to stay with my mother-in-law in her holiday home in France. Buddy had just had surgery (which went well but he still needed after care), so it was only me and Oomoo who could go in the end. It rained every day, but we didn't mind a bit. The days were filled with simple pleasures like building fires in the wood burner, picking veg from from the veg garden, reading, making jam, going to the market and visiting the local castle. Oomoo and his Nana get on so well, and I loved seeing them enjoy each other's company so much. If or when the day comes when Oomoo has children of his own, I will try my best to be as hands on as she has been with all of her grand children!


The boxers

Around the same time that Muhammad Ali died a month or so ago, the boxing gloves in this house got dusted off and put to use. And I enjoyed the match and the light. Boxers don't usually giggle as they fight, but these two did.



My last LA shots from this time round.

The last few days have been a real downer as the country I live in is no longer the country I think it was, and everyone I know here are feeling depressed over what the future holds for the nation. I feel like the kid whose parents are divorcing, and I have no say in the matter (I couldn't vote as I'm still a Swedish national, and believe me, I will remain one now for as long possible), and the fall out from it is going to affect the rest of my life. I'm weirdly more upset than when my actual parents got divorced, but then that was 28 years ago, and my memory probably doesn't serve me very well. But I survived their split, and I know we will survive this one too. Whatever happens, me and my family have each other, and at the end of the day that's all that really matters. And like my brother-in-law said over the weekend, "All we can hope is that the Leave voters were right, and that we were wrong." Time will tell.


Up the canyon

One of my favourite things that we did in LA this time round was hiking Temescal Canyon in the rain. Yes, rain! El Niño changed the weather patterns this year, and so for the first four days it was pouring with rain, but I didn't mind one bit as I've never seen LA so lush - ever. It's such a city of contrasts (on so many levels), and while you have to spend years of your life in traffic, you're also very near nature, be it canyons, deserts, mountains or the ocean. We ended up in the clouds and couldn't see the city at all, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. As LA is pretty empty of parks people use the canyons to the north of the city as their recreational grounds (it's either that or the beach), but on this rainy day there was hardly anyone else there. I will never forget that walk - it's definitely up there as one of the best I've ever taken.


Broadly framed

The Broad is LA's newest museum of contemporary art, where all the art is from a private collection owned by the philanthropists Eli & Edythe Broad. Some seriously rich people! The building itself is really cool, and parts of its architecture worked well as accidental picture frames. If you find yourself in LA, a visit there is a must, and if you go soon, try and catch Ragnar Kjartansson's The Visitors. It was one of the most moving experiences I've ever had looking at art - the lump in my throat must have been the size of a melon... Gulp.


Heart eyes

One of my dearest friends lives in LA. We've been friends for over 20 years and she's the most generous, loving and fun friend you could wish for. It breaks my heart that we live so far apart, but at the same time when we do see each other it's so special, that in a way I wouldn't have it any other way. Anyway, my sister, who now also lives in LA, was expecting her second child back in April, and was having a baby shower, and my BBF thought that I should come out for it - as a surprise. So I went out there for a whole week on my own, without my boys. That meant that I could go and do all those things that they wouldn't be as into, like going to exhibitions, check out stores and have a karaoke session for old times sakes. It was an amazing seven days where I got to reconnect with aspects of myself that I somehow had buried and neglected since motherhood. It was like I got my old self back. 

These pics are from MOCA and the Broad where we got to see lots of great art. Sadly I can't tell you who made any of them apart from the last pic (Catherine Opie), because I'm shallow like that ;)


The lady in red

In April this lady told me to get on a plane to LA. So I did. Lucky me!


Windows from the past

One of the very few times I actually brought my camera with me this year, was on an Easter Egg hunt that I took Oomoo on a while back. I fancied going a bit further afield, so we ended up at Osterley Park. The sun was out, and so were the crowds, and after answering questions along the egg trail in the gardens, we ended up inside the house. In there was a bunny hunt; nothing as sinister as it sounds, just crocheted white bunnies dotted around the stately home that we had to count. As we did we got an insight to how a very wealthy family lived in the late 1700's. And what do you know, I only took pictures of the windows! I didn't even realise that I had until I put this post together. I guess taking pictures becomes habitual, and that you are subconsciously always drawn to the same thing, over and over again. So if you see more windows in the future on this blog - don't be surprised :)