My Friday

1. Before.
2. After.
3. Little Mo looking at Oomoo.
4. A little red in the window.
5. Some muzak courtesy of the Oomster himself.

Tell me about your weekend; what's the plan, man?
Oh, and Happy Friday!


Picture of the day {Monday}

Not only did I leave the house without keys yesterday, but I also left my camera behind (I tell a lie; I did have my Lomo but I knew I wanted to post something today so I needed my DSLR). Luckily the hubby hadn't left for work yet and luckily this couple out on their afternoon walk made me very happy I brought my camera with me the second time round...


Outtakes XII

I've been meaning to upload an outtakes post for ages and now that I'm ill and housebound I have the time to look through my archives and dig out some of the "forgotten" ones. Looking through my pictures from the summer (which all of these are from) I couldn't help but feel a bit sad; before having a baby another year going by felt rather insignificant, but that has changed now. Of course a lot of the time it feels like nothing much is really happening, but looking back at the thousands of pictures of Oomoo I realise that so much is changing right in front of my eyes and that I must pay attention and not take it for granted. I've never been one to hold on to the past but there are times (and I know there'll will be in the future) when I wish that I could freeze time. Taking pictures will be my feeble attempt at doing so.



I can't look at this picture without giggling; I hope you share my sense of humour! Happy Friday!


Slim shady

The sun is out... the sky is blue... and me and Oomoo are down with flu! Actually we have matching colds, but colds doesn't rhyme with blue, haha. So we're having a quiet day at home going through tissues like there's no tomorrow. I'm looking forward to future cold days when we can crash out on the sofa and watch Laurel & Hardy films; right now Oomoo doesn't know what a TV is and we want to keep it that way for as long as possible :)

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that these pics are from yesterday's walk in the woods. T'was nice but very chilly.



Sandra posted her morning today so I thought I'd post my afternoon! It's miserably cold, dark and raining so me and the Oomster have been messing about in the front room. I've decided that I have to give the blog some more attention, so I shall attempt to post five days a week like in the old days. Wish me luck ;)

Style Arena - Tokyo street style - me likey a lot.


Eye want candy

Took these around Shoreditch last week and I was just thinking how I wish that this sort of street art was a bit more spread out over London. But actually, the thing that is truly great about this city is that is isn't uniform, that everywhere you go is different and no two neighbourhoods look alike. After nearly 18 years here I still have a huge crush on London and I don't think it'll ever fade. Happy Friday friends!


Yesterday in Soho

Oops... I didn't mean to leave the blog a-slumber like this! We've had beautiful sunny days for the past week so my October blues has nicely faded away. Here's a bit of colour to celebrate with!


Oh boy!

I guess the best way to beat the autumn blues is to play! Also, Oomoo's godmama is in town which is just what the doctor ordered. Oh, and guess what?! It's sunny today and it might get as warm as +19. Woohoo!

My friend B sent me this link - Marcel the Shell with shoes on; it made me giggle :)


No funny eye

This is what I feel like at the moment; like Chloe Sevigny with Moomin biscuits in front of my eyes. OK, not really, but I do feel like my eyes are blocked at the moment. London has been miserably grey for weeks now and I don't feel ready for the six or so months of the same that's to come. If there's one thing I can't stand about British weather it's the lack of seasons. I'll see if I can jump start my camera mojo again, otherwise I'll be dipping into my Lomo archives this week. Hope you are making peace with October; I sure as hell haven't yet :)


A Thursday afternoon

This is what yesterday looked like. And I can't think of what to write 'cause I'm tiiiiiiired! Oomoo has finally stopped his night feeds (all three of them - phew!) and is sleeping much better, but for some strange reason I'm sleeping much worse. How does that work?! Oh well, while I try and figure that one out I hope you guys have a Happy Friday!