Shadows outside and in

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day (feeling so tired at the moment, anyone else?), and there wasn't much else to do but chase shadows. 

Imaginary conversation at a dinner party:
"What do you do?"
"I'm a shadow chaser."

I might try that next time someone asks me ;)


  1. wowwowwow you are incredible. i mean, you say it was pretty quiet and feeling tired, and then you show this. they are SUPERB!!

    yee, i have a bit lack of energy too. waiting for the spring and the sun...*sigh*

  2. Hi there found your blog a little while ago and I must say I'm stuck!
    What an inspiration! You are very talented and witty...

    Just wanted to say Hi and that I very much appreciate what you do!

  3. Hahaha, ja göööör det!
    Spring sen iväg snabbt och låssas få syn på en skugga o ba: "MÅSTE DRA!"

    Näst sista bilden är så rolig haha - vem kom på besök? Putte Pudel nyklippt?

    Den med taggtråden (?) ... vem är innanför? /kommer emot dig?... en vägg? en BEST? mina ögon kanske är helt lurade, men jag kan inte ställa om dom.

  4. outi: thank you! glad you like them... I think I've just realised that I too long for spring now, and today is the opposite of yesterday, grey and rain and boring... My winter love seems to be fading.

    krokofanten: thanks for saying such a lovely Hi!

    e: ja, det skulle verkligen va en bra grej om man ville lägga ner konversationen med den personen...

    javisst, det var putte som kom och hälsa på (det är faktiskt en katt som sitter på mo's matskål :) )

    det var ett plank som attackerade, men jag hann undan!

  5. I like the graphic nature of some of the photos. Very nice

  6. Hihi, good idea the shadow chaser thing :)

  7. hello shadow chaser. I hope you find what you are looking for!

  8. I LOVE your dinner party idea. You must say that next time it is appropriate. I love the photos you took at the Saatchi gallery. Who is the artist that did the people hanging from the ceiling? And also the photo of the man licking the floor?

    Great Site! Thanks.


  9. yes, yes, yes!
    do it!
    call yourself the shadow chaser.
    but you might have to think of an answer for the question, "what do you do with the shadows when you catch them?"
    (of course besides the obvious answer which is make lovely photos out of them!)

  10. I would love to have a conversation with a shadow chaser :)
    You are very talented! Your posts brighten up my day. x

  11. Imaginary conversations can be rather enlightening, can't they?:) Your shadow-chasing is quite wonderful if I do say so myself.:)

  12. i love these...they made my day

  13. thank you everyone for your lovely comments! I might have a business card printed with my new job title on it ;)

    D: the artist who did the hanging people is called zhang dali and the licking man is and by cang xin. sadly I didn't make it back and the exhibitions's gone now :(

  14. From one shadow chaser to another ~ these are beautiful!

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