Lomo madness

Went and got two rolls of film developed yesterday, something that I had been looking forward to for ages. However, I was cruelly reminded how unreliable the Lomo is as nearly all of the photos were either underexposed or out of focus. I know I know, the whole point of that camera is that it's a complete gamble how the pictures come out, but after having been spoilt by the immediacy of digital photography it doesn't really feel worth the cost. If I want pictures to look like this I can just mess around in Photoshop and the pictures will actually be sharp too. I'm not completely giving up on film yet though, I have a roll in my old Canon Ftb waiting to be shot, I just got to remember to bring it with me!


  1. wow i like these. it´s kind of hot-cold-gold set in colours and moods for me:)

  2. i comletely agree on what you said about having to just retouch it on photoshop. i pretty much gave up on my lomo cameras =)


  3. that middle one is amazing. Im gonna give film a try for the fist time since i was a teenager and you took bad partyphotos. i think it will be fun, because you still have your digi-camera for the sharp documentation of things. I only just now remember that my scanner does not work.. hmm..

  4. Dont give up on film yet! I like these...i like how they aren't sharp and you have to take a really good look. I have been thinking about taking some shots on my EOS... have not opened the case for way too long and hoping the camera isn't moldy! Things go that way here with the rain and humidity!

  5. well, i love the middle one, i don't think they're bad at all. remember to take your canon out soon!

  6. Hi
    I've just found this blog and I love it. I'm fairly new to the world of blogs and I feel as though I've been missing out.

    Keep going.


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