Made in the Philippines

Met up with my sis who just got back from visiting our mum, step-dad and extended family in the Philippines. It was great to see pictures of my grandma, uncles and cousins (there's loads of them!). It's now been 12 years since I was last there so it was funny seeing some of my much younger cousins all grown up. I have to go back one day! Sis did bring back some goodies though, all handmade. Thanks sis! As you can see Little Mo also showed some interest :)


  1. vilka söta figurer! och söt Mo såklart.

  2. oh så fin korg/väska! är det flätat tidningspapper? har ett pennskrin i samma stajl..vet inte var det kommer ifrån dock.

  3. Ahh! love the Filipino goodies... Hope you get the chance to get back there soon :)
    What is the bag made from? It looks like paper!

  4. I like that bag and the tablecloth!

  5. we love little mo....and also love your photos, they're amazing....i'm definitely going to keep my eye on your blog ;-)

  6. Vilken vacker duk!
    Jag var på (eller ska det heta i?)
    Fillipinerna, för en massa år sedan.
    Tyckte mycket om det!!
    Ha det gott!

  7. hi y'all! glad you like them too :0)
    the bag is made out of recycled newspaper, love the colours on it, my sis chose well!

    charlotte: det heter på :0) måste verkligen tillbaks dit!

    hello strikk, thanks for the love ;0)

  8. Hi, I just found your blog via Apartment Therapy and OMG I'm loving it. Look forward to following you in the future!

  9. I just came over from Apartment Therapy and WOW! It's gorgeous over here! I'm off to explore the rest of your posts...

  10. TOLV.

    -Sitter nästan och blir lite rörd. Tolv år! Vicken fin anledning ändå att åka till Filippinerna... - familj!

    Och vicken fin bild på Mo och korgen också! NOSEN! :)

  11. not your goddess & rachel: thank you and welcome! so weird to just pop up over on AT without warning like that. actually REALLY weird :)

    emma: jag. vet. så kan det bli när man inte bor i samma land som ens släktingar, särskilt om det är flera kontinenter emellan...


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