Fonts and fronts

Went for a walk yesterday through a neighbourhood we always drive or cycle through and I'm so glad I went by foot. These shop fronts made my heart sing and the sun even popped out to say hello. I think it was the Aussie contingent sending their rays over this way that did it. Thanks ladies :)

Continuing the theme from yesterdays link, a dance lesson from the Master.

Update: Meant to link to Emily Webber's London Shop Fronts project with this post but I couldn't remember the web address, but I know it now thanks to Emily herself! Go look!!


  1. en av mina favvoposts so far dudette!

  2. Oh, you are a dear. Glad those sunbeams tickled your face upon arrival. This week, I send you more sun. It is going t be super hot. Put a little sunscreen on your nose and tuck into strawberries and watermelon for dessert.

    Beautiful photos, always... every time I visit here.

    g xo

  3. haha , fresh meat market.
    finns unfresh? :D

  4. Å vilken rolig danslektion med James Brown! Har testat lite här hemma, men får inte till det ; )

  5. Åh vilka underbara shopfronts (hittade inget bättre ord för det, haha). Jag blir bara mer och mer sugen på London.

  6. Fresh Meat Market is a good one, round Holloway, right?


  7. charlotte: jag ska definitibvt öva på the camel walk!!

    ewebber: indeed, it's on seven sisters rd. I'm so glad you left a comment, I wanted to link to your site but couldn't remember the address, will do now!


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