A Friday afternoon

Went with my sis to see the Cold War Modern exhibition at the V&A yesterday. They should have called it Cold War Boring! It seems I'm not having much luck with exhibitions lately... The best thing in it was the yellow corridor on the way out, hehe. It wasn't a completely wasted visit though, we finally found the rather beautiful café this time (see pic 4). I've been going to the V&A for over a decade and didn't even know there was one, duuuuh! Sadly the queue was ridiculously long so we left for the Hummingbird Bakery for some cupcake goodness instead. Hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you're doing! 


  1. i let my v and a membership expire without seeing that exhibition and had felt bad. now i don't!

  2. Lovely blog. Found it via Emmas.blogg.se I have been looking for a sofa like the one you have for a long time. Where did you buy it? /sammyrose.blogg.se

  3. haha, ååå naae var'en så tröki'? otursamt!
    men alltså bilderna blev ju bra - DU kan ju ställa ut DOM och så snipp snapp fick vi andra en bra liten blogutställning nu!
    med ljusgrön strösseltopping. hoppas den va lika god som den ser ut..!

  4. oh super photos! i like i like! especially that with the shadows on the floor and portrait thru mirror.
    have a wonderful weekend you too! sun is shining (finally yesyes!), i´m on my way out:)

  5. lottie: you really didn't miss anything, I think the V&A have lost the plot a bit with their blockbuster exhibitions, there hasn't been a good one since the New Look one :(

    not your goddess: oh it was goooooood but insanely sweet!

    sammy rose: thank you! the sofas are from ligne roset: http://www.ligne-roset-usa.com/Products/living/upholstery/Nomade_274.aspx
    we were lucky to get them as hand-me-downs...

    emama: men vad du är fin! och ja den var muuuums!

    outi: thanks lady, how nice that the sun is out over there, go out and enjoy it (it's miserably grey today here...)!!

  6. inget trökit som inte för nåt strössligt , med sej som man brukar säga.

    jag är ingen muffins-fan men den där ser ju väldigt inbjudande ut. Min lillsyrra berättade för mej om ngt som heter fondant igår dock, mer smetig muffins, låter nåt som ä mer i min smak. Testat?

  7. yeah, the forth photo looks absolutely stunning. wonderful work!!! i hope you will go back there and shoot more. ;-)


  8. your shots are pretty emotional and poetic !! keep rockin dude!

  9. the cupcake looks happy :)
    thankyou for saying hello! your comments are so lovely x

  10. vilken fin muffins, säkert god också!


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