First of the first

This is what the first day of 2009 looked like to me. Some spectators at the New Year's Day parade, some stripes that would make The White Stripes happy, a bored girl being dragged around the shops, a nice chandelier in a store and some traces on a wall from the night before. How was your first of the first? 


  1. thanks for remembering about the camera review! i really appreciate it. i will have to think about getting another camera but in the meantime, i shall save money =)



  2. ååå alltid lika fina foton inne hos dig! sista bilden är så snygg o roli!! och hon den uttråkade tjejen, poor thing, hon ser verkligen bored ut. män gulli.
    min dag 1 var un der bar och solig och lugn som fryst vatten i en sjö.
    gu va ja ser fram emot famapa-bloggen 2009! :D

  3. happy new year, Famapa! i love seeing things from your point of view :) i look forward to more of your photos in 2009!

  4. It was good even though I had a terrible hangover that made the whole day kind of fuzzy!
    Went to the Moma and hung out at the Pipilotti Rist installation.

  5. Oh.. and Gott Nytt Ar!
    : )

  6. Happy New Year Famapa! I already missed your photos:) now back here again. i love that photo with a bored shopping girl;D