Found these in a box of photos the other day. I can't tell you how much I'd like to be right there right now, a beautiful summer's day, me reading by the window and Little Mo sniffing the lavender . They say this week is the week when most people feel a bit blue; the excitement of a new year has died down, new years resolutions have been broken and the realisation that things will be pretty much the same finally sinks in. I think I'm a bit over winter right now, a warm breeze and some sun on my skin would do very nicely thank you very much.

I know this is just an ad ripping of flashmobs but it cheers me up everytime I see it.


  1. Interesting! Here in Japan we say May is probably the month that makes people the most depressed because your body can't quite adjust to the warming weather, and the consequences of the new environment (We start everything, be it school or work, in April.) sets in around May as well. I tend to find myself getting out of balance around that time mostly for the changing weather.

    In any case, I hope you are hanging in there.

  2. I love the first picture...wish i was reading at that same spot.
    Actually it reminds me of the spot where SJP writes her columns in sex and the city.

  3. ooh the sun..
    mind traveling is free and i believe we all need memories of our favourite places where we can sneak on a grey day.
    thanks for those photos, i also got a feeling of sun via them :)

  4. now i want to be there too. it looks idyllic and reminds me of a little apartment we rented in menton one year. it is france, non?

  5. i just realised - that's little mo in the second shot, non? surely it can't be london?!

  6. Oooh that ad!! I didn't know it and I'm completely excited now, how I would have loved to go to work when I was in London if every morning was like this.

    Have a lovely day :)

  7. That pair of summery photos... ah! Beautiful.

    I have the windows open for you here. Night is falling and a long hot day is coming to a close. Shall we have strawberries and watermelon for supper?

    sending light and sun from the southern hemisphere, g

  8. meeeen guuuuu vaaaaa häääärliiiiigt. är det där ni bodde förut?

  9. If only i could bundle some of our warmth and sunshine in a large box and send it to your door step.... now that would be wonderful :)
    Many happy rays to you.

  10. å, man känner värmen i bilderna. inte jobbigt hett, lagom varmt. o lite fläktande..mjaauuu!

    skojsigt klipp!
    lets dance!

  11. a great ad! It cheered my grey and rainy day!
    I long for some sun beams too :)

  12. aixxx: that's so interesting! may is one of my favourite months of the year, spring is truly underway and you get two three-day weekends here in the UK. and usually there'll be a couple of hot days (which recently have been the only summery days of the whole year). I'll be thinking of you then and hope that it's a smooth transition for you...

    trishiekoh: that's so funny! it was a great place for people watching that's for sure...

    outi: you're right, if you can't get away you can do it with your mind!

    lottie: it's actually our old flat in belsize park, I guess it's a bit further south than where we are now ;)

    flora: isn't it great?! I think it should be compulsory on all train stations on a monday morning, it would be such a great start to the week!

    gracia: strawberries and watermelon sounds perfect, give me five minutes and I'll be there :)

    sandra: jäpp, vår gamla lägenhet, den var en sån somrig lägenhet, det var på den tiden vi fortfarande hade somrar i det här landet. när jag såg de där bilderna saknade jag den faktiskt...

    fliss: that would be so great! I'll pretend that the box is there on the doorstep when I leave the house today (it's pouring with rain and really windy)... thanks for the rays!

    lisen: det var en perfekt morgon, lustigt vad man kan resa i tiden med hjälp av bilder...

    do the twist!

    esti: I'm glad it cheered you up too, I might watch it everyday until the sun comes back. hope you get some sun soon too!

  13. just discovered your blog, absolutely love it :)

  14. your view looks so beautiful! I long to be in london, even though everyone tells me it rains a lot :(.
    I love the first photo so very much.

  15. I'll send some sunshine over with fliss too. It's a bit too hot here - best we share it 'round.

  16. i was feeling the same way all this week, a bit blue and longing for warmth and sun. somehow it's comforting to know that this week is a hard one for others as well :)
    here's to a cheery weekend...hope your's is nice.

  17. it looks so nice !! so warm and "Provence ish" :)
    Little mo is a real treat for the eye everytime :) i am seriously jealous at his photogenicity :D

  18. Looks wonderful, can I come and sit next to you?
    Feel like Im in need of some sun too.. and book reading.


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