Keep warm and carry on

There comes a point in the day when you have to give in and just simply put the heating on (hey, just trying to save money wherever possible!). There are only so many layers, cups of tea and wooly hats one can wear before you have to surrender and just be comfortable again. Once I got warmer I set up a temporary seating arrangement on the bed so I could watch history in the making.


  1. this post is sooo cozy! i love your beanie too =) the red pom pom is adorable.


  2. varm OCH snygg.
    mössan värmer särskilt ögonen på nåt sätt :)

  3. Mysigt med muminmuggen där det ryker så fint!

    Å vilka härliga kläder du har på dig, ser varmt och gott ut!

  4. love your hat and the cup!!!

  5. looks really warm and cosy:) and your portrait with mössan is cute!

  6. we wore ski socks indoors last night in an attempt to defy the need for more heating! love your bobble hat.

  7. moomin cup of tea!
    and I love your red pom pom! Looks so good with brown!
    Keep warm!

  8. i took almost the same photo of my tv yesterday. :)

  9. Min granne rensade ut sina köksskåp häromdagen och frågade om jag ville ha något....precis en sån Mumin-mugg var utrensad...den la jag genast vantarna på...
    Det ryker så vakert ur din.

  10. i've added you as a link on my blog..
    hope that's ok!

  11. I just stumbled across your blog-- had a fun time visiting! You have a really good eye.


  12. i so know what you mean! we try to save on the heat too, but sometimes you just have to give in! Rufus is luckily a really good heating-bottle!
    (todays word-v is smsboomy! -sounds like something very young!)

  13. Yep, sometimes you just have to turn the heat up!
    PS your blog is always inspiring.

  14. notebookdoodles: a red pom pom should be obligatory on beanies, don't you think? :)

    pigeon.toed: don't know what I do without a stack of cosy blankets...

    e: kalla ögon är det värsta som finns!

    "Infing": med lager på lager på lager blir man äntligen varm...

    alice: I love our wallpaper too ;)

    yasu: thanks lady!

    outi: it was, eventually... thank you!

    lottie: oh no or rather oh yes, it's good to pile on the layers in an effort to save and be green. I keep forgetting about my ski-socks, must dig them out!

    celine: so glad to have you stop by, you keep warm too!

    satu: what a day!

    charlotte tollstén: vilken tur med såna grannar, våra har slängt ut en urful vinröd soffa... tror inte jag nappar ;)

    mary: of course it is, thank you!

    gretchen: thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

    mette/ungtblod: good ol' rufus, little mo will
    sometimes come and warm my legs but if the heating's on she's on that radiator like there is no

    michelle parks mccourt: indeed, when you can't feel your toes anymore it's time to switch it on! thanks for the PS :)

  15. I love your Moomin mug!

  16. hang in there...

    i live in australia and it's been crazy hot the last few days, thanks for reminding me that it won't last forever and in a few months i'll miss it!


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