The last day

This will be the last post from Sandra & Johan's London visit :( 
On their last day here we went for a short walk on Hampstead Heath before making our way to The Lansdowne for some gastropub grub. We also had a quick look at the view over London from Primrose Hill before we stopped on the way to the train station for a last fika at Kenwood House. It was fantastico to have them here and so much fun (and so much food!!), I hope they come back for more soon!


  1. I'm actually finding myself sort of saddened that your photo travelogue is concluding! I've so, so enjoyed it. I travelled to London myself about 3 years ago and found it absolutely charming. Can't wait to get back! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Famapa,
    I'm Marta and although I've never left any comment in your blog, I love it. It's very inspiring and I think your pics are great.

  3. Hello,
    i just discover today your blog, and is so great and beautifull.

    I will put it in my favorites. Simply love it.

  4. thank you all of you, how nice of you to say hello (and such nice hellos too!)!

  5. it sounds like a lovely last day in London! I do love all the parks there!

  6. my god that pizza looks amazing!


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