Up and down in W1

Spent the afternoon in the West End looking up and down like you do. And yes, the weather tricked everyone by suddenly turning freezing cold again, so that balances out yesterday's post quite nicely... 

A book question now... Has anyone out there read Haruki Murakami's "A wild sheep chase"? I've read and loved several of his books and this one is just, well... yawn? I'm half-way through and can't decide whether or not I should ditch it. If you have read it please tell me if it's worth sticking with, as he's one of my favourite authors I feel a certain loyalty, but reading a book one isn't enjoying seems like such a waste of reading-time... 
Anyway anyway, Happy Friday y'all!


  1. en sån ljuskrona var med i antikrundan igår ju, den ä värd hundrasjuttio tusen, dom borde hänga in den...!

    eller så var det kanske inte en sån ... :)

  2. a wild sheep chase bores you? ohmy. it was the first murakami book I ever read and I loved it. although it's quite a few years since I actually read it, I still want to urge you to keep going - it's worth it!

    Dance dance dance, the sequel to a wild sheep chase is, well in my opinion at least, not as good as I thought a wild sheep chase was, but still worth a read.

  3. mmm sherbet coloured socks!

  4. erhm jag tänkte samma sak som syrran men alltså jag måste rätta henne o säga att det heter AMPEL.

    fina strumpor! glad helg!

  5. The only Murakami I really liked was "A Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World". I don't think I've read all of Murakami's books though...

  6. lisen/emma: kanske jag ska sno den där ampelen... berätta inte får nån!

    ester: how funny, I've read "dance dance dance" and loved it, I didn't know it was the sequel... it kinda feels like I'm on the cusp of something happening in the story, but I was a bit surprised as I've found that I've been sucked in by the first couple of pages in his other books... maybe it's a mood thing? :)

    xha: I loved a hardboiled wonderland! I recommend the wind-up bird chronicle if you haven't read it. I also really enjoyed kafka on the shore but was disappointed by the ending...

  7. i wöööw de två första bilderna, särskilt ihop!

  8. I have read and liked a lot of Murakami, wind-up bird chronicle being a favorite but I haven't read Wild Sheep Chase so I am no help :) I couldn't get past page 4 of his latest book on running.

  9. It was my first Murakami many years ago, I seem to remember struggling for a long time but loving it in the end so maybe it's worth sticking with it..I was also disappointed with the ending of Kafka, then couldn't get past the torture scene in Wind Up Bird, but loved the running book - no-one else I know who's read it liked it though! Must try Wind Up again & maybe skip that chapter!

  10. I'm like Wendy - I read A Wild Sheep Chase a few years back, but I also remember loving it. I'd persevere if you can : ) My first and favourite of Murakami was The Wind Up Bird Chronicle.

  11. hei! lot's of new stuff here... it's been a while. will you still see this, I don't know, but I also think it is worth reading. it was my first Murakami book too, many, many years ago. like, over 10 years!? I think Norwegian wood is by far the best one of his books. I haven't read all of them, but quite many.

    have a nice spring!

  12. Exactly- it's wierd!
    The problem is that it's a different translator. Jay Rubin I think does the best translations of Murakami- the other guy Phillip Gabriel makes him sound different. I picked up an American copy of Wild Sheep Chase in Amsterdam and I couldn't finish it- it was too odd.
    I think there is a Jay Rubin translation of it- but I've never found it..
    Happy weekend- isn't London nice and Spring-y?

  13. thanks ladies for your input, I've actually taken a break from it and started on jd salinger's "franny & zooey" instead, but it's only thin so I reckon I'll get back into the sheep chase by the end of next week. as a fan I owe it to murakami and myself to finish it :)

    martha: the copy I have was translated by alfred birnbaum and I haven't had a problem with his translations before... to me it just feels like murakami hasn't gotten into his groove yet as it's an earlier book, but what do I know? :)


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