Diana fun

I have a little bit more of Sandra & Johan's visit to share with you today! Sandra & I decided to treat ourselves to the joys of the Diana + camera so we bought one each. I've been wanting to try medium format for ages and as a Hasselblad isn't within my budget at the moment, the little plastic Diana will have to do. As with any toy camera it's a bit of gamble (it takes me back to my Lomo days!), but I'm a bit annoyed that it cost me a small fortune to have these done and that in the end I had no prints! It cost £3.99 to have the roll developed (12 frames out of which 8 came out) and then £15.99 to have the neg scanned. And prints? £2.99 a pop! So I chose to go without prints and now feel a bit cheated that I shot a roll of film and ended up with them in a digital format! I'd really like to find somewhere else to have my film developed, anyone got any suggestions?


  1. det blev väldigt snygga foton. voj voj. vad sött att ni köpte dem samtidigt :) ha en fin helg, famapa

  2. Try this place - they'll scan and print your pics for about £8 :)


  3. hanna: tack! kul med lite film igen... ha en superskön helg!

    emma: thanks for the tip, I'll try them next time!

  4. hello famapa. i like diana very much :) i have lots of fun taking pictures with it, even though i keep making mistakes. i am learning so much! i feel like i have a better understanding of how cameras work now. not all of the pictures i took have been pretty, but there were a few special ones. i get prints and they are not cheap. i paid $16(USD) for 12 prints...but i do like having them.

    i am so happy i found your blog! your photos make me happy. have a beautiful day :)

  5. i know, analog is such an expensive pleasure. But a great one!

    here in Mexico we´ve been having a little bit of trouble finding medium format films... once in a whle they dissapear, and then they come back! so right now it´s one of those moments. I´m on my Diana days as well.

    cheers, have a nice weekend

  6. I love these shots! and Sandra & Johan are so great in photos! I am trying to convince Jin to wear a bowtie, like Johan!
    keep searching for an economical way to develop/print/scan your film. There has to be something! I had to search awhile in Toronto, but I finally found one I am happy with.

  7. jessops on new oxford st recently developed my holga films. they were £8 each with some nice square prints.. i didn't get a cd, that cost £4 more i think. i'm happy with them.

  8. What a great portrait of Sandra and Johan, I wish I would try a Diana too, gives me hope I can!

  9. melanie: thanks for the jessops tip, I'll try them next (not sure I trust royal mail to not lose the film on it's journey to newcastle :) )

  10. oh yes i used to use jessops. or snappy snaps- they still have snappy snaps? is that even right. it's something like that.

    i bought a pretty cheap scanner and just pay for developing.

    i really love these. more please.


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