And the winner is...

KIPSTRIK!!! Woohooo! It seems that the snood is going to make it's way to Holland! Thanks to everyone who left comments for the draw and on the rest of the blog, I'm so touched by your heartwarming words and I send out big hugs to all of you. I must also thank my lovely assistant, the hubby, for doing the draw... He shook the hat until a strip fell out; a bit more fun than just a lucky dip! Hope you all have a great Tuesday and Kipstrik, send me an e-mail with your address please!


  1. Halloj! Jag har precis använt en bild från ditt überfina hem som du vid det här laget är min Bibel :) Självklart har jag länkat osv men känns det inte bra så hojta bara och jag tar bort den.

    Stor kram

  2. a BIG hug for you too Famapa! and i will keep my fingers crossed for the next time..

  3. FAN.
    nävars. jag skojade bara. jag säger: FANFAAAAR! va kul. haha, vad fint med att HUBBYN drog, så gött med assistent. spelade ni typ lite "trollkarsmusik" också, typ dr higgins? ;)

    PS. du är en jävel på provrum F! kan se direkt var man är. ha ha. borde kunna tävla i det? DS. :D

  4. thanks to you for sharing your world of pictures :)

  5. Oh Waauw!! I'm absolutely thrilled! I'd never expected to actually win the snood!!

    I'll mail you immediately about my adress!


    Venlig hilsen,

  6. congratulations kipstrik! :)

  7. Hi Famapa,

    thanks for your nudge on my blog, but I already mailed my adress to you on tuesday - to your yahoo-adress... didn't you get it?

    groetjes, kipstrik

  8. It's me agaain - if you haven't received anything today on your yahoo-adress, perhaps you could mail me at kipstrik at live dot nl?


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