We stopped for lunch at Borough Market and managed to find a bit of curb where we could perch in the sun. The light was amazing and the sun so warm. In the picture of Johan you can see a window that the sun is bouncing off on and it created a really interesting light to take pictures in. When the girl next to us lit up a cigarette we got terribly excited by how the smoke looked lit from both the front and back. I think she posed for our benefit... Anyway, it was nice to rest our feet, enjoy the sunshine and just snap away, left, right and centre. 
Happy Friday folks!


  1. Happy Friday to you too!
    It's been a great week following your days with Sandra and Johan!
    It does indeed look cool with that smoking girl.

  2. oh så kul att se! måste be johan att han lägger upp en av bilderna han tog på rökbruttan, det ser nästan ut som om röken bildar bokstäver. secret message. kram snukko!

  3. amazing post! These photos look like they are from a magazine photo shoot! I am thoroughly enjoying both of your London adventure posts!
    I came to London twice, 3 years ago. My best friend moved there, and Jin promised I could go visit her at least every 5 years. So time is coming close for me to go back again!

  4. hyggligt posat! måste nästan va värt att röka dagar som dessa. hoho. "det är ju så fint väder!" ;)
    skitfint skitfint alltihop! nu längtar jag vårjacka. gräs o grus på riktigt. ha en fin helg F!

  5. awww borough market is such a nice market and they have the best fika place. the light is amazing - so sharp and bright looks almost unreal

  6. That first picture is so cool!

    ... and those heels too :)


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