Eeeeeek! I took a ridiculous amount of pictures on our third day out (Sandra did too!) so I'll have to post two more posts from just this day... We started with a lovely fika at Verde & Co where all of us were almost fainting with appreciation of the place. It's a deli/café where you have to squeeze into your seats amongst shelves full of goodies. It had the best atmosphere and it's one of those places I've walked past for years and never ventured in to. Once we we're full we crossed the street and wandered round Spitalfields Market eyeing up the antiques. Sadly I walked away empty handed. More pictures coming later today!


  1. oh. vilket café :) blir fikasugen. läbbiga dockor också!

  2. your self-expression is honest, humourous and inspiring.. thanks for sharing a part of your life everyday, it's a treat to visit this blog

  3. I love your photos - I love that deli/cafe too (it's actually called Verde & Co - A. Gold is next door - agh, feel so horribly pedantic pointing that out) but isn't it the loveliest place? I have never taken a photo in there so I'm glad you did. x

  4. tänk om vi kunde ta en fika där idag tillsammans igen!!! så kul att se dina bilder! jag kommer att posta en del likadana idag och imorgon :) det är både fördelen och nackdelen med att inte ha sett den andras post innan man gjort sin egen. men det är väl så det ska vara, woooooo!

  5. grym fika och nakna kroppar kan det bli bättre? ;)
    så himlans tjusigt!! första bilden ba: VÄLKOMMEN.
    ja tack. ja tack.

  6. oh looks to be my kind of place! with lots to look at and a great atmosphere of the old days! i'm curious about those diana cameras, is it new ones?

  7. it's funny how we discover our own city when we have visitors. Great series!

  8. These photos are wonderful and it is fun to see the two views of London

  9. I love spitalfields! I wanted a vintage mirror when I went, but Jin wouldn't allow it, because he would have to carry it to a concert, and then on the plane! Understandable.

  10. therese: tack!

    hanna: det där caféet är helt underbart! och jag fattar inte varför det fanns så många dockor på den där marknaden!

    ambrosia: thank you so much! I very touched by your words and I'm glad you enjoy the blog :)

    lola is beauty: no wonder I couldn't find it when I googled it! thanks for the heads up. I really want to try the food there next time, it looked so delicious...

    sandra: vad väntar du på?
    vi visste ju att det skulle bli dubbletter eller hur :)

    em: du skulle älska stället!

    lea: it is such a lovely place, you really feel like you leave the hustle & bustle behind as soon as you're through the door. and yes, they are new dianas, can't wait to see what weird and wonderful things it'll capture...

    nathalie et cetera: thank you! it's always such a treat when people come and visit, you really appreciate your city that much more when you are with someone who sees it with fresh eyes.

    kerry hawkins: thanks kerry! it's such fun to see sandra's pictures from the same experience!

    celine: when were you guys here? that's such a funny story, but I totally get jin's decision :)

  11. Woooo, that is the biggest cup of coffee I have ever seen!

  12. aaah! that verde & co is sooo lovely! we went there too! they had so nice bags too, in cane, but a bit too expensive and too big for us, little girls!

  13. More than anything, for me at least, it's Jeanette Winterson's place. A great place to read her books, too:)



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