Walking in a winter wonderland

Me, the hubby, the nephew and my brother-in-law went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park yesterday and boy was it fun! We went down giant slides, went up a ferris wheel and giggled our way through the House of Fun. I hate to say it but it was terribly funny watching kids bump their heads in the mirror maze as they tried to find their way out. They kept forgetting to feel their way through using their hands rather than their heads but luckily no one got hurt. I want to go back when it's dark, all the lights would be even prettier then! 

Hope you have had a cosy xmas eve! We're off now to my mother-in-law's for the traditional Christmas Eve peking duck that she cooks every year, yuuuuum! And so the feasting has begun!


  1. These photos are so colorful and cheerful. Thanks

  2. God jul! God jul!
    Tomten hittade faktiskt till oss (vi firade idag) - hoppas han hittar till er också!

  3. vilka underbara bilder!!! GOD JUL!!

  4. so so pretty!! i love the mirror/maze house =) and i love peking duck too!! something so yum with the combination of chinese pancake, cucumber and duck!

    merry christmas!!!!


  5. glad to see you had so much fun.
    i looove the last shot. i'm happy you didn't go there when it's dark this time!



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