Five from the weekend

We went out for a walk on Hampstead Heath on Saturday, it was such a lovely winter's day. It's still sunny but very cold here in London, I hope the whole winter will be like this. Of course some snow would be nice too.


  1. i love winter days where its all sunny and cold, and the air is crispy! we just got snow here and had a sunnycold day, it was perfect

  2. vill ta med mig vovvarna hem. åh. fast det blir nog en liten katt snart. vill ha tillökning i familjen :)

  3. super set of photos, i already got a story in my mind;)

  4. men VÅRDAG sista bilden underbara vårdag! herrar i shorts?!
    fiiiina fina inlägg!

  5. I used to live in London right near the Heath extension and loved those cold but sunny days. It's Summer where I live now! Love your pics! :)

  6. sara: snow? lucky you! send some here will you?! :)

    hanna: ja! skaffa katt! jag rekommenderar honkatt, de är lugnare...

    outi: thank you! I'm curious about the story, please share :)

    emama: tack!! ja, det kändes faktiskt lite vårigt, fast du skulle ha sett vad jag hade på mig... ja inte var det shorts i alla fall.

    kim: aww, summer seems so far away right now... but a walk on the heath is almost as good as summer ;)


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