Christmas Day our way

The day started as it does every year with me and the hubby in bed doing alternate lucky dips into the stocking (from my mother-in-law). Then we made our way over to said stocking provider for brunch which was followed by the opening of the gifts. We then watched a bit of "Walking with dinosaurs" (the nephew is seriously into dinosaurs right now) and then sat down for our xmas dinner. This year it was sensibly broken up in stages, so in between the turkey and the christmas pudding we had a little piano recital (me, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and the nephew all started learning the piano this summer). We all messed up a bit but it was good fun. Finally the hubby did the usual honours of setting the pudding alight. 
A lovely day all in all!


  1. Very nice and I love the photos. The stocking photo is beautiful

  2. det låter! minsann.
    och bilden med pojken och bilarna! AAAAH, så fin! haha så fiiin!

    bidde du glad i dina klappar dah? man får inte veta i texten!? ;)

  3. happy holidays famapa.
    your celebrations look wonderful.


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