It's a wrap

I'm rubbish at wrapping gifts but luckily the hubby enjoys it so yesterday he wrapped whilst I quickly finished knitting one of my xmas presents. We also enjoyed the sounds of the analogue and were pretty happy that we'd managed to buy enough wrapping paper. I'll be posting sporadically over the holidays and for those of you who might not be stopping by here over the next few days: Happy Holidays, hope you all have a lovely time 
wherever you are!

We're having a break over the holidays on how we say hello but we've left you a special message :)


  1. I did nearlly the same yesterday: wrapping and knitting my last present. Happy xmas to U.

  2. kanske kan du sticka in paketen istället?! :D God Jul!!

  3. what pretty and homey photos.
    happiest of holidays to you & yours!

  4. Va fina paket!
    : )

  5. delurking to tell you that your photos are a daily bright spot in my morning routine here in NY
    merry christmas and happy new year

  6. JOD GUL!!!!!!
    Sketasnigga paket, gött när man kan dela opp jobbe och alla är glada! :)

  7. Wow, the presents look so pretty :D

    merry christmas!!

  8. It all looks so beautiful.... have a wonderful Christmas Famapa.... see you in the new year back here.
    take care. xo


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