Around the 'hood

Didn't get further than our 'hood yesterday where we found a cat's skull (cool and horrible at the same time) and saw some pretty-ish lights. I used my Ixus 70 which has been gathering dust for the past three months and even though I like how small it is, I also get so annoyed by the poor quality of the pictures it takes. You can't win! Well, actually you can, if you're rich you just go and buy yourself this


  1. brukar inte orka mig längre bort än kvarteret de flesta dagarna... resten av göteborg är ändå ganska ointressant så det räcker ju, haha :)

    läskig katt! iiiih. jag satt precis och drömde om en kattunge när jag såg skallen

  2. Wow, cool cat skull!
    Im making a painting with a horse skull in it right now.
    : )

  3. famapa, vad är en kittelpensel?? :o

  4. i found a deerskull in the wood across the road when i was younger, we used to pretend it was haunted. the catskull reminds me of that - it is really cool and creepy!

  5. i don't think Stockholm's decorations are that big, i didn't notice them so...

    but there are so many julstjärna and adventsljusstake at the windows !!!!!
    and in Myrorna stores you can find dozens of those for 30kr :)


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