5 things I love everyday

I was tagged by Sandra so here are my five daily loves:

1. Kind of a given... the hubby of course :)
2. Having Little Mo jump up on the bed and join me at bedtime
3. Having fun with my camera
4. Practicing on the piano
5. My bedtime read (currently "The six wives of Henry VIII" by Alison Weir)

I tag: Fanny, Alice, Flora D, Fliss & Outi
Happy snappy Friday y'all!


  1. super set of photos and 5 things! Mo is my favorite;)

    did you mean me outi or somebody else, i clicked the link and it got to Ritva...?

  2. vicka fina grajjor. gullit hjärta i början ( o fin skjorta! ) !

  3. Hey... I like your 5 daily loves! thanks for the tag, I'd be more than happy to play along. You really have a beautiful looking piano...how's the practicing going?

  4. great loves and set of photos!

  5. those are some really good things! i love that Mo looks a little... well angry? or suspicious? and i love that you have started playing piano and actually practice! have a nice weekend!

  6. Those top two pictures are so sweet :)

  7. hi hii, thanks for the tag;)

  8. Hi, I read you blog everyday and love it! Wonder if you could do me a
    favour! I'll be in London the first week of the year and thought maybe you
    could give me a hint on what would be fantastic to do that week: what you
    would do, a can't miss exhibit, some cool little shop....help me avoid
    tourists traps!!!

    Thanks a lot!


  9. i am so jealous at little Mo, always handsome on pictures !!!

    thanks for the tag, i took note, and will do it in January :D

    have great weekend :)

  10. If I had to make a list it would almost be identical! Except your husband off course, though he sounds like a nice man hahaha

    merry christmas!

    miss b

  11. em: tack! du anar inte hur sotis jag är över den skjortan... den är vaderad!! men det fanns inte i xsmall :(

    fliss: cheers lady! the practicing is going well (better on some days than others of course!), it's so much fun!

    trupeach: thank you!

    mette: I think she looks a bit fed up as in "enough with the pictures already, I'm trying to go asleep here!!" have a great weekend!

    esti: they the sweetest ;)

    outi: sorry about the mix-up!

    luisella: thank you! if I ever wrote a london-guide it would be pretty identical to this one: http://thisisnaive.com/?page_id=104

    my definite must do's from that list would be nordic bakery, borough market (my fave is the chorizo burger stand by brindisa), yauatcha for lunch (dimsum) or afternoon tea (they do an asian flavoured version which I love), tate modern, brick lane on a friday or the weekend (make sure you check out the shops on cheshire st - shelf and labour & wait being my faves) and spitalfields market, portobello market and the surrounding streets (either on a friday - fashion market day- or on a saturday - antiques day and go earlier in the day rather than later though as it can get mad busy, but it shouldn't be too bad in early jan), a walk on hampstead heath if you get a sunny day and have a look around the residential streets of hampstead too (lots of pretty streets and houses), if you can't make it there make sure you go for a wander in one of the city parks be it regent's park, hyde park or holland park (I love the parks in this city more than anything else it has to offer!). as for exhibitions I haven't been to any recently but this looks interesting at tate modern: http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/exhibitions/cildomeireles/default.shtm

    I also think you might like this at the V&A: http://www.vam.ac.uk/microsites/cold-war-modern/

    the photographers' gallery have just moved into their new space, haven't been yet myself but should be worth checking out: http://www.photonet.org.uk/index.php?pid=18

    make sure you buy a current issue of time out magazine when you're here, everything that's on that week will be in there. check out there website in advance if you like! http://www.timeout.com/london/

    hope this is enough for you to start with ;)

    alice: looking forward to seeing your five loves!

    gerritnow: thank you, so nice to read!

    cecilie askov/miss b: the hubby is indeed a nice man but then I'm biased ;) happy holidays to you too!

  12. great! really really thanks,

  13. Great list - love the photos! I have read a few books about Henry VIII but not this one, maybe I will check it out!

  14. I have a little note about this one in my head and will be happy to do it! Happy New Year by the way :)

  15. I finally did it :)


    Have a sweet night now!


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