A weekend in two halves

The Great British Summer of 2008 was up to it's old tricks again this weekend. On Saturday it was boiling hot and on Sunday it rained so heavily that the roads turned into rivers for a brief while. The only thing to do was to go with the flow, a short stroll in the park and an afternoon in the garden on Saturday, then lunch indoors with the obligatory treat of tea and cakes on Sunday. I hope autumn will be less schizophrenic...


  1. spännande omväxling!
    skönt ändå att var dag hade sitt väder och att det inte var det där: "solsol-regn-solregnregn-solsolregn-sol-regn-sol-re...gnsol!regn!SOL!"

    fina bilder. låter som en misig helg ju.

  2. Här har det varit typ likadant väder..regn och lite sol men mest regn och kallt. Idag är det iaf. SOLIGT och lite varmt:) kanske sista sommardagen..
    Den sista regn-bilden är snygg!

  3. lovely white pictures :)
    haha funny weather, well at least you adapt yourself very well ! perfect activities for both :)

    ps thank for your comment, there's more Stockholm views to come :) and by the way i live in Sundbyberg.

    ps 2 ask me if you'd wish to "see" a particular place, and i'll go there and take pictures for you :)


  4. söata löav.
    wara i formen.

    regnet ser ut som en utedusch!

  5. these shots are gorgeous. i discovered your blog via flickr ~ i hope you don't mind, but i posted some of your photos on my blog. such beautiful work! will be linking over as well :)

    best, cassandra

  6. I cannot wait for fall. Best weather, best fashion, scent of holidays in the air but not the all-out craziness....

  7. hello there! I'm back in town, spending the last days of my vacation, but still with a poor internet access. So I cannot see your usual splendid pictures properly. I hope I can sort it out by the weekend, so I can catch up with all your latest posts. :)


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