Hello again!

Today is Monday right? So that means I have some exciting news to share with you! Inspired by Stephanie's and Mav's brilliant 3191 project, me and Sandra start a joint blog today, how we say hello, where we both upload a picture every weekday without knowing what the other has posted for that same day. Each week one of us will choose a theme that we have to stick to and it'll be very exciting to see how our images pair up. So go have a look and feel free to say hello!


  1. I just dropped by... Great idea! I'm sure I'll love this collaboration of you two. Can't wait to see more...

  2. oh, how exciting. i love the first photo and am looking forward to more.

  3. this is great! i just checked it out, and added it to my favorites. looking forward to reading it daily!

  4. Hi great to discover your blog and new project via unruly things. I live in London too so have enjoyed reading about what you've been up to here. I haven't been out in ages as I'm stuck in the middle of college exmas but you've given me so many ideas for when they're over with! Thanks and good luck with the new photo project.

  5. Nu måste ni snart träffas :)
    Det ska bli spännande att följa, ni tar ju båda så fina foton.

  6. thanks guys! glad you like it!

    mon petit lapin: hope you get a break soon so you get to enjoy the many delights of this great city!


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