Green and pink and orange and blue

+ In the waiting room for my piano lesson 
+ Pia Wallén felt coasters 
+ Dried lemon verbena leaves makes delicious tea 
+ Lilla My and the one eyed monster just hanging out 

The perfect London guide from notes by naive.


  1. världens finaste londonguide ja. och världens finaste foton i den här posten idag. du får alltid till så fint ljus.

  2. jättefin färgskala! enögda monstret ser ...skyldig ut. har dom nåt ihop kanske? "just hanging out"...jaja, det vet man ju vad det betyder! ;)

  3. love My and the monster! so lovely photos! how Do you get such great light? btw i have tagged you for a whats-on-your-walls-challenge

  4. sandra: tack kära sköna!

    lisen: ha, de ser sååååå busiga ut, som om de pussats i smyg och blivit påkomna!

    mette: thanks lady! I think I'm just lucky with great light in this house... either that or it's my lovely Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens... it's awesome!

  5. digging these coasters!


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