Fun in the sun

The last couple of days have been so sunny that I've hardly been indoors all weekend! On Saturday we baby-sat the niece and the nephew so we took them to Fenton House, where we played in the lovely and practically empty garden. On Sunday we got on our bikes and joined the London Freewheel event where parts of central London were sealed off from traffic. Thousands of cyclists got roam the streets unhindered. We went last year and it was a magical experience but it was way too crowded this year. Still, I'm always happy to get to ride Margot so I shan't complain too much!


  1. nej jag skulle inte heller klagat! vicken fin helg och lyllos ni med vädret!

  2. jag älskar björkbilden! den skulle också ha passat veckans tema ;)

  3. happy pictures! loved these couple of days too! please dont rain..the 3rd picture is great


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