I fell ill on Monday, which also happened to be the same day my hubby left for a week long work-trip, so for the last couple of days I've stayed with my brother and sister-in-law who've looked after me. I'm back home now and my sister is coming to stay and keep me company for the next few days. All of this has made me realise how important family and friends are in times of need and that we shall all cherish the people we love and are loved by. I might not be posting as much as usual over the next few days as I need to rest, but I know what I'm like... I won't be able to stay away for long ;)


  1. Åh! KRYA PÅ DEJ! Vet preciiis hur det där känns, att vara glad över att kunna bli omhändertagen av sina närmaste när man är väldigt dålig, -jag råkade ut för liknande trauma i början av sommaren & då är man glad att man har tacksamheten att tillgå som känsla. Prisad vare kärleken och familjen!

  2. Have a good rest and get well soon then! I like these quiet pictures.

  3. krya på dej! ensam o sjuk är ingen hit. vila nu. kram!

  4. oj då! Ja, vi blogger vänner är ju inte till mycket hjälp... krya på dej.

  5. oh dear, so sad to hear that you aren't feeling well.
    i hope that you can get some rest.
    your family and frieds are so sweet to be looking after you!
    you're very lucky indeed.

  6. You have a lovely, lovely blog. I added you to my blog's link list, I hope that's okay.

    Have a wonderful day.

  7. Krya pa dej!
    Fin Blog!
    : )


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