Waiting for April to be over

Dagnamit, the weather is all over the place and it means that now that I'm a cyclist it completely dictates my day (I have waterproofs but when the wind's howling and it's hailing I simply ain't going out). Of course after I cancelled my plans the sun came out but some tea in a glass, a bit of reading and some deep shadows across the kitchen walls made for a nice afternoon.

Miranda July - a year on


  1. I like the poster (?) beside the David Hockney. What is it, where does it come from? Look so nice.

  2. Envisas med att skriva engelska till dig fast jag inte behöver...hm

  3. hehe, det kan vara sa forvirrande att hoppa fram och tillbaka mellan spraken.. och for mig ar det irriterande att inte ha prickarna over a a o :0)

    the poster is from the bauhaus-archiv museum,
    in Berlin, it was a gift and hopefully one fine little day I'll visit it myself!

    sadar, nu kan vara engelsk talande vanner ocksa lasa det...


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