Marimekko madness


Tea break!

My eyes, my eyes!

The collaboration collection between Marimekko and H&M hit the stores today so me and my sis decided to meet up in town early to check it out. Luckily there was none of the frenzy there was when the Karl Lagerfeld and Robert Cavalli collections for H&M came out, there was like five women browsing. Now normally I'm a huge fan of Marimekko but the patterns, colourways and designs were pretty awful! I guess it makes sense that they keep the good stuff for themselves... Anyway, we bought a couple of things which are quite in-your-face but I like them... I think.

We went for a fry-up afterwards at The Breakfast Club (so filling!) and then made our way towards Hampstead Heath. I'll post about that part of the day tomorrow.


  1. the fry-up looks delicious! why didn't WE have that?
    where as the merimekko patterns... well you couldn't have said it better.
    all in all you look like you got the dress and top and if anyone would make them look good it would be you.

  2. I'm so sorry, I completely forgot about fry-ups! That was the first one I've had in about four years... As for making the clothes look good, as long as everyone wears sunglasses or shield their eyes I think it'll be OK ;0)

  3. vad hungrig jag blev nurå, smart att äta efter ni provade kläder! vilka fina färger på allt. snyggt!

  4. heh, tankte inte pa det (att vi var smalare nar vi provade kladerna menar jag) men vet du, de var sa stora i formen att det inte hade gjort nan skillnad! nu har jag i alla fall tva fargglada talt - har alltid velat campa!


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