Oh to be a cat

Little Mo is, like most cats, a sun worshipper. After a long dark winter she's seems very pleased that she can, weather permitting, sunbathe all day long. She starts her day in our bedroom and then moves with the sun to the spare room.

I like flip books. I like this video.


  1. that so funny. my dog rufus does the same thing -whippets are known for it - he will even try to move the bed when the sun moves :)

  2. What a lovely series of photos. I think our basset Polly must have grown up around cats because I'm convinced she thinks she is one. She has all the usual cat behaviours down pat, which is so funny in a dog. Splaying herself out in the sunshine is included.

    Little Mo is an excellent name for a kitty. Like the Eastenders character?

  3. how funny that your dogs do the same.. and moving the bed - that's impressive! little mo was named after her mum who was called Mo and that was way before eastenders (little mo is 12 years old). we were a bit gutted that there was a character in albert square with the same name!

  4. cats have it so good, eh! if I were one I'd loll in the sun as much as possible.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0ffwDYo00Q
    This is the funniest series of cat animations. I am sure you have seen them, but your cat reminded me about them. I have two and they are sunwhores, lapwhores, foodwhores...as i am sure you know. everything belongs to them.
    great light by the way. animals are endless photography fun

  6. charrow: thanks for the link! little mo used to do exactly that (minus the baseball bat) but has luckily changed her ways and now patiently waits until I've opened my eyes and woken up properly. she only does this to me though, she lets the man sleep for as long as he wants. cow.


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