Life on two wheels

We finally had a bit of proper spring weather yesterday (it's gone today) so me and Margot the bike headed through town and down to Tate Britain where I enjoyed the Peter Doig and the "Modern Painters - The Camden Town Group" exhibitions. I took a bit of a weird route there and cycled through Bond Street with it's chi chi designer stores and it felt great to be enjoying something as wonderfully basic as a bike whilst people with face lifts and handbags that cost ten times much as Margot where scurrying about spending fortunes. On the bike I really felt that I owned London. I can go wherever I want whenever I want, total freedom in other words. So after the high dose of culture I cycled up to Hyde Park where I met up with my sister and enjoyed the first ice-cream of the year in the warming afternoon sun. I can get used to this.

A walkthrough of the Peter Doig exhibition and an interview.

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