"Let's go to the park quickly before we eat!"
"Do we have to?"
"YES! Just give me five minutes..."
Honestly. Some people just don't do walks. I think I might get the man some roller skates ;)

I love this flickr set.


  1. he he. sounds like a conversation from my house!

  2. igår på spårvagnen, två påtända träningskillar:
    "tjejen ska ha med mig på sina jävla promenader hela tiden, jag börjar fan gå ner i vikt!"
    "men vafan, varför ska hon ut å gå så jävla mycke?"
    "asså hon säger att hon mår dåligt och att bara promenader hjälper."
    "men vafan, kan hon inte ba se en film å äta lite chips om hon mår så jävla dåligt?"
    "ja för fan, som vi andra!"

  3. oooooo sandra, that's just too good, I'll try and translate:

    overheard conversation on the tram yesterday between two drunken meatheads:

    "My girlfriend always wants me to come with her on her bloody walks, it's making me lose weight damn it!"
    "Christ, why does she need to go for a walk so often?"
    "She says she's feeling a bit down and that only walking will help."
    "What the f**k, can't she just watch a film and eat some crisps if she's so bloody miserable?"
    "Yeah exactly, just like the rest of us!"

    That's pure gold right there! Is it a female thing to enjoy walks? I don't think I know any guys who like walking, but I'm sure there must be some out there :)

  4. ha! that's brilliant! it is definitely female thing, I think.. personally I can't see why anyone wouldn't like walks - they're ace - but matthew doesn't seem to agree!

  5. Watching an episode of Tribe last night I realised that my hubby would actually like hiking. "You'd like that kind of walking wouldn't you?" "Of course I would, walking round our neighbourhood for the 1000th time is boring!" So there you have it. Ordinary walks just don't cut it.


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