Eat it

Dim sum and cakes at Yauatcha

Afternoon tea at the Connaught Hotel

which goes on and on

and thai food at Isarn

When I moved to London 15 years ago there where no places to go for good food (unless you were filthy rich) but my how things have changed! My favourite thing to do when friends come over now is to eat, eat and eat.


  1. I keep meaning to go to Yauatcha, my mum and sister loved it...I just want to see the cakes!

  2. nä fy vad gott! och vackert. nu vill jag ha den lilla orange soppan där längst ner.

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  4. kate: you have to go, the dim sum is excellent (their venison puffs are delicious) and as for the cakes... my faves are the assam praline cake and the blue tea cake. The macaroons are a treat too, I'm a sucker for anything sesame so the black sesame ones are must as are the coconut cinnamon pistachio ones...sweeeeeeet!
    sandra: det var en rod stekt anka curry, mums!
    anonymous: that's a great idea, to put them all together like that. I really like the egg one, even more minimalist than an egg itself :)

  5. Yauatcha is fabulous. When living in London my man took me there for my birthday. Tea and dim sum, what more could a girl want.

  6. tack! ska laga fisk gryta nu, kan tanka mig att det inte blir lika vackert :)


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