Into storage

It's finally time to put away all of these don't you think? Believe it or not I used nearly all of these this winter, it was a ridiculously long one this year. Here's to hoping I don't need to use any of them until October-November again... Hope ya'll had a nice weekend!


  1. hej då vinterkläder! fy vad skönt för dig! här har det varit sommar idag.

  2. vad harligt med sommar for dig, just nu hanger det kolsvarta moln over oss... sa paraplyet kan man aldrig aldrig packa bort i det har landet.

  3. We are just pulling ours out over here!
    I like your collection and I hope the sun shines for you soon and stays around long enough :) ,you never know with that fickle english weather!

  4. Yeah bye bye winter !!! Let's have some sun fun !! I love the winter collar by the way.


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