Taking it easy

I had all the intentions of going out, but it would have involved a bike ride and I wasn't taking my chances, so I spent the day watching the Olympics. Oh to be a gymnast... I know that the training is torturous (and that I'm about 25 years too late in starting) but I'd love to be that strong and have complete and utter control over every muscle in my body. Much easier to enjoy watching it from the comfort of the sofa whilst snacking on my favourite fruits instead. Oh, and watching dressage was pretty surreal... Sure, it's impressive, but my question is: why?


  1. He he he...! *är hästtjej & har häst* Skickar bilden idag! Hade lite fullt upp igår. :) Fina bilder förresten och skön kväll låter det som. Har inte sett nåt på OS, inte ens hästsporten...men ett tag för många år sen, red jag för Mamma Norling - alltså mamma till Katrin Norling - OS-deltagare på hästrygg i år! (=man är nästan med i OS själv)

  2. hejehej. you make such wonderful grahical pictures. so one more
    compliment. I was gymnast from 6-12years when I lived in poland (short enough) and the best was the travelling and the team and the dresses and flying in the air, but
    when I imagine to be under such a stress as an adult? no... so many people watching olympics (no tv), I
    feel like digging a cultural gap in
    my life. greet you

  3. blir så sugen på dressyren nu...inte titta, rida själv rida själv! why? det är som ..en konst. otroligt mäktig känsla, fantastiskt att få hästen o göra som man vill med små små rörelser. min häst ääälskar det. jag kan få träningsvärk av att bara se det på tv nuförtiden...sitter o hjälper till i soffan, ser puckad ut. hej å hå..! god frukt också. blev sugen på den med. trevlig helg!

  4. i'm loving your pics very much, they are so peaceful. i'm also enjoying the gymnastics, how great are those girls on the beam? it is on on BBC2 in 5 mins by the way. have a lovely weekend x

  5. oh wow, two horse riders and one gymnast! i'm very impressed! I did spot that it was pretty incredible how the horses responded to just the slightest of prompts from the rider and I also watched the women's (surely it's should be called girl's??) individual gymnastics today. wow. wow.

    ola: was your first ever somersault scary? which discipline was your favourite? did you ever hurt yourself badly? so many questions! so curious :)

    lisen & emma: jag galopperade med/på en häst för första gången förra året... helt fantastiskt och jag bara gapskrattade! det var en grej jag prickade av på min "innan jag dör" lista... rider ni ofta eller? så roligt!!! min syrra är också helt häst galen, hon har börjat rida här i london nu, kanske ska hänga på en dag!

    fanja: I watched it... awesome! infact, completely insane... a great weekend to you too! and thanks for the compliment :) x

  6. jag har en likadan blå marimekko skål!
    ja-a, otrolig kraft de har alla gymnaster! det ser så lätt ut då man ser det på tv..

  7. I have to agree watching from the couch is much easier!
    We stayed up late on sunday night and watched the "girls" floor routines. OH! to be able to do that with your body, they look like pieces of elastic...very amazing to think that you can stretch and turn and twist in that way. I always wanted to be a gymnast but never made it past the somersault! Maybe next life!!! x

  8. i just love this series of photos...really beautiful! i've been watching the olympics in fits and starts...diving (wow) and then last night the women's trampoline (wow again). all those flips are incredible!


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