Eight images from the eighth of the eighth of eighth. I got a hand-delivered postcard from a friend whom I haven't heard from in ages, so lovely to get first thing in the morning. Made me realise how rare handwritten postcards and letters are these days. Spent most of the day watching the opening ceremony from the Beijing Olympics, which was incredible, but after a couple of hours I felt dizzy so I sat myself in front of the piano for the day's practice and immediately felt better. How was your eighth?


  1. oh piano..somehow i miss playing..
    the last photo is lovely!
    080808 was special to me too since it was my dog's birthday:)

  2. Hi!
    I love all of these so much.

  3. Hi, I work in a shop and it was very nice to write this special date on the receipts. I was thinking of doing it days before...
    So funny, before I looked at your blog this morning
    (this is how I start my day) I was thinking 'is she still playing the piano' and you showed this pic.
    It brings you in a good mood, great. So play, play, play...
    C. Amsterdam.

  4. very beautiful pictures! love the one of you in the sofa and the cat! lovely. my 8th was very little olympics (actually none!) and alot of curling up on the sofa! lovely

  5. I watched a bit of Olympics as well and some of the images were crazy. I love the cat picture.
    One question: did you make this calendar yourself? I love it!

  6. oh, så fint! vykort o brev som är så roligt! vilken dag! :) jag har blivit ett vykorts-freak de senaste åren faktiskt och skickar ganska ofta såna fina som jag köper på mig ett gäng vid tillfälle.
    min åttonde var fin med hotelfrukost, city-stros men även tågåkande i gammeldags kupé (låter mysigare med sistnämnda, än vad det faktiskt var...)

  7. Like like your photos a lot :D
    My 080808...was the day my youngest son came home on the 8 day from Lanzarote...and the eldest went to Mallorca for the next 8 days...made a lot more than 8 pancakes and chocolate cookies...
    And painted white walls in my office...lucky me I
    didn´t have to do it 8 times...

  8. how nice to read what you all got up to, thank you!
    flora d: the calendar is from the tate modern shop:
    it's brilliant isn't it?! every day I curate a little mini-exhibition, the best place for all those postcards I pick up :0)

  9. är du kompis med Sandra Juto?

    ja, världen är ju ganska liten - särskilt bland svenskar...

  10. You have a very amazing and beautiful and graphic stilish house!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I live with you please? :)


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