Summer for a day

Had to make the most of the sunshine yesterday so I made my way down to the Serpentine Gallery to check out the Richard Prince exhibition and the Frank Gehry Pavilion, both of which I found underwhelming. Last year's pavilion by Olafur Eliasson and Kjetil Thorsen was so much more fun. Still, I got to enjoy the simple pleasure of lying under a tree and starting a new book before I cycled home. I was also happy by the fact that I finally got a shot of one of my favourite shop fronts in town. 
Don't cha just love that Art Deco style?


  1. jattefin butik! soligt london ser mycket exotiskt och fint ut :)

  2. låter som en härlig dag! butiken ser spännande ut, fin:)

  3. are you enjoying Yellow Sun? i'm just a day's read away from starting Purple Hibiscus (her first book).


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