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Got this magazine a few days ago, finally an interiors magazine with homes where it actually looks like someone lives there! I've been collecting interior magazines for years and recently I've become really annoyed by the content. The homes are too polished as well as soulless and the people who live there are obviously seriously rich. I hate how they make me think "Oh I wish we had a few hundred thousand pounds at our disposal so we could do this, this and this" when what we have is more than fine. So I salute this new magazine where a bit of clutter is left in the corner, and where the pages don't leave you wanting the unattainable.

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  1. excellent, I feel the same way about the usual home magazines too, so thanks for the tip :)

  2. i know what you mean. i have interiors mags going back years and sometimes i just wish they'd profile a house with something left on the floor that hasn't been artfully arranged by a stylist.
    did you get apartamento from the photographers' gallery?

  3. lottie: I got it in magma, they'd sold out in the photographer's gallery. it took me a little while to find it amongst the other mags as it's actually just slightly bigger than A5. hope you get your mitts on one :)

  4. me too me too.
    I was a total interiors magazine addict - but got really bored of the content and feeling fed up by the unobtainable which left me feeling uninspired after reading them.
    That not what mags should do!
    Time to check out this one me thinks : )
    nest is a good one too.......

  5. oh this looks great!! it has a bit same esthetics as purple magazine which is having a break. but how to get it here?

  6. hannna: I'm not sure if you can buy it online or subscribe yet but I found this link:

    if you email them they might be able to help, they're the european distributors so hopefully it'll work. let me know how you get on!

  7. Ser ut som nåt o ha! Levande. Inge ful tråki "Room-service"-stajl eller nåt uppstyltat homestyling-tjafs man ser mest hela tiden..

    En såndär matta...en sån somnade jag i (verkligen I) på nyårsafton 1988 eller nåt...försööökte hålla mej vaken till tolvslaget men somnade bland chipssmulorna i ryamattan... - en parentes.
    Tänker alltid på det när jag ser en sån. :)

  8. lisen: iihhhh, chips smulor i ryamattan... hemska tanke!! tack det räcker med att jag äcklas av tanken på alla mikroskopiskt små djur som bor i den där mattan...

  9. nu får jag också flashbacks till den där ryamattan (kan relatera). ha ha. dock har jag typ en såndärmatta nu och jag somnar aaaldrig i chipssmulor på den!
    Ang. tidningen = skitbra tips. så befriande med detta levande hushålle!

  10. I cant agree with you more. This one looks a lot more down to earth but i feel it may be hard to find down here! ....We'll see as you have inspired me to find a 'REAL' interiors mag! Thanks :)

  11. hooray for real-living! i find it almost embarrassing when you see homes in magazines where the owners are stinking rich but don't have any style at all; they just buy anything that has been called "a classic". its so easy to see the difference between money and real sense of style!

  12. hei, thank you, F. i will see if they answer. only twice a year... i already sent e-mail to apartamento, but no answer so far. i could get it from japan...


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